01 July 2013

Apology to Email Subscribers (And is Feedburner Going Bye-Bye?)

If you have subscribed to receive my blog via email - just a warning - you may get this post twice.

Read on to find out why (and don't hit unsubscribe yet!)

Well, I'm writing this post a little last minute as rumors have been flying around the blogger world about Feedburner going bye-bye.

Feedburner has been a stable force for in sending out my blog's newest post to my email subscribers. I don't have many but I appreciate every single one I do have (that haven't unsubscribed yet, of course).

I'm not sure what this means for Google Friend Connect and more and more often I'm seeing bloggers promote Blog Lovin' and other alternatives. I don't know about you but the last thing I need is another platform to sign into to read a blog. I did import my favorite blogs feeds into Feedly and that took less than a few seconds.

I'm imagining the reason for this is that Google will plan on integrating Google Plus into Blogger a little bit at a time. It's happened with comments and I'm wondering when it will get to the point where it isn't an option anymore.

Oh well! To be honest, I don't have much time or energy these days to bother too much with this, but to be on the safe side I did integrate my email subscribers into Mailchimp. So, this is the reason for my apology to my email subscribers, because you may get my blog post twice in your email. It's really just a test to find out if Feedburner will continue to send out posts or not. Please don't unsubscribe - it's really just a test and if it continues to send out posts, I will turn off Mailchimp.

As for everyone else, I don't think much else will change, but as things evolve, I guess we'll all have to learn to keep up.

I hope your week goes well everybody!


  1. I get bloglovin updates in my email. I'm rather confused by all of it. I thought it was the reader going away but it's in my dashboard still. I really don't like integrating with google plus. I hope we aren't made to do that. Sometimes to check out someone's profile I click there picture and I get sent to their google plus profile and find nothing about their blogs. No post links or anything.

  2. Sometimes I get updates from you, Nicole, and sometimes I don't. It's very frustrating. There is away around it thought... You could always swap over to WordPress ;-)


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