11 June 2013

Let the Games Begin - Collaboration Challenge

I'm taking part in another collaboration challenge hosted by Carrie and continued by myself and a bunch of other awesome bloggers. Make sure to check out part one before you read this continuing part two. I have a sneaking (and hopeful) suspicion I may surprise my co-writers with the direction I've taken this story!

Game Instructions

Kip drove up the driveway of his friend's house. Five cars were parked out front. Five guests. He was late, of course.  It was 8 o'clock and he was supposed to have been there an hour ago. But he needed time to think.

Summer choices party. It was the theme that kicked off the summer when they first graduated. When his best friend, Mick, signed the seven of them up, they started out innocent enough. Laughing about the challenges and the games set before them. Until people got hurt and things changed. Eventually, his girlfriend Janet quit the games and left on her own. Her excuse was a pre-college program she wanted to take part in before leaving in the fall, but he knew the real reasons she left. 

Kip turned off the idling car and put in park. He grabbed the keys out of the ignition and shoved them in his pocket. He took out the folded invitation from his pants pocket and flicked on the overhead light.

"Summer Choices: End of the Year Party - A Night to Remember." the invitation read.

From what he knew about the game so far, he just hoped he would survive the night.

Kip shoved the invite in between the seats of the car and got out. Usually, he would bring a six pack with him to parties, but this wasn't that type of party. He glanced around the neighborhood and a dog barked in the distance. It smelled of freshly cut lawn and soil. He crossed the graveled walkway and pressed the doorbell. It ding-donged inside the house and the sound of movement by the front door erupted. 

The front door was unlocked and it swung open. Mick greeted Kip with a wide grin.

"Let the games begin."

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  1. Oh geez! This sounds quite foreboding, Nicole! The fact Kip hopes to survive the night, I don't want him going to the party... but then again, I am super curious about this game. So, good luck Kip!


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