07 June 2013

From the Pallate of a Non-Wine Connoisseur - A Review of OGIO Wine

I have found a wine perfect for my taste - it's a wine that describes itself as being for drinking and enjoying (not for talking about it). And as I finish off my glass of wine this evening, I am really glad to find a wine maker that understands people like me!

Tuscany Cipresses
Photo of Tuscany via Flickr user Maarten Van Hoof
OGIO wines come from Italy (my oh-so-favorite place for wine) and the particular wine I tasted - OGIO Tuscan Red comes from a place known for it's reds. I usually have a glass of wine to mellow out from a work day and get my brain relaxed enough to get some stories down. The best part of the wine is the story behind the bottle, so to know this place comes from a gorgeous part of Italy makes the bottle taste that much better.

The bottle of red that I tried is actually considered food friendly. I'm not quite the best at choosing which wines go with which bottle, so I appreciated this a lot. This wine had a fruity and spicy taste to it, which gave each sip a unique addition to my meal.

chianti grapes
Photo of Chianti grapes courtesy of Flickr

Now this bottle of wine blends in Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sangiovese. Sangiovese is often found in Chianti wine (now get the thought of Silence of the Lambs out of your head) and Chianti is one of my favorite types of wines. It isn't too full of a flavor, but it makes up for it in its taste. I believe though that the addition of Cabernet and Merlot makes up for the lighter body of the wine.

I highly encourage you to add this bottle to your next meal. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to follow all of the latest news and events for this winemaker. Or just make it easier on yourself and like their Facebook page.
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  1. I like wine but must admit I largely overlook Italian wines. Must give them a chance.


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