05 June 2013

Flash Fiction Photo Prompt - Write With Us!

I swear I'm already inspired by this photo! Maybe I'll get lucky and get a story done this weekend instead of the last minute. By the way, if you are struggling to get your creativity revved back up, these prompts are a wonderful way to get yourself started. If you have any questions on how to link up, let your blog host know and we will lend a hand! Anyways - here's Carrie with the prompt - 

It's a new month, and we have a new winner! Congratulations go to:

Thank you so much for joining in some of our weekly prompts. :)

For the stories posted from last week, take a look.

Thank you, everyone!

For those who may not know, Nicole and I have put together a free ebook filled with the stories inspired by our prompts. You can get it here at BookRix where the file is convertible to multiple eReaders.

Okay, now for this week's prompt!!

The Photo from Flikr Commons:

The Words:






And the links! :-)

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