26 June 2013

Flash Fiction Photo Prompt - Are You Inspired?

Anyone think this week went by fast? Well here's the prompt!

Hi Friends! Last week we experienced some technical difficulties with getting the submission link to work correctly, but it looks like we've fixed the problem! Since the prompt went up late (and
one of us I didn't get the prompt up at all), we are re-running last week's prompt in order for everyone to have an opportunity to participate. :)

We'll gather all the stories from both weeks and post them all for your reading pleasure next Wednesday. In the meantime check out the stories that birthed from our photo a couple weeks ago. We've got a lot of creative talent in this group!

S-M-A-R-T-F-E-L-L-A by JP

Stopping Along a Well-Paved Road by Tony Roberts

The Adventures of Cap't Monkey and Tooele Boy by Scott Taylor

Mother's Instinct by Leanne Sype

The Assignation by Sally Stackhouse

And now for the photo prompt; Tena was our lovely hostess...


It's that Time of week. Time for this week's Blog Hop.

I decided to use one of the pictures that I took while on a little camping/train swap meet getaway the weekend before last. A cute little coffee shop with (I think) a cute and unique name.


The rules are simple:

The story must be related to the above picture and include the random words below. It must also be under 500 words.

Most important, have fun and don't stress out.

When you’re done, link your story to the linky at the bottom

Random Words:







  1. I did try to link my story but the 'linkylink' was not there. Guess I was too late. If you want to see my contribution it is at http://jprambling.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/a-fathers-duty.html

  2. @JP - no, that was my fault! I hadn't updated the post with the new linky! I did just add yours though!


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