What Should I Do With 100 Postcards?

May 18, 2013
In a contest last year - or maybe it was something I received in exchange for something - I was awarded 100 post cards.

One year later, I still haven't claimed my prize. Why? Well, first of all, I have to do the design. And I want to do something different with it, and not just make a postcard of something I'll never actually use.

I thought at the time it would be a great opportunity to put my future book on the card and promote it that way. But in reality, I'm kind of tired of it just sitting there. I want to do something different, unique, challenging, or inspiring with the cards.

So, what do I do with 100 post cards?

So...give me an idea of what I can do with them. And they are not 100 different postcards, but 100 post cards that say one thing. I have to design it, too.

And I'm open.

What I probably won't use them for - thank you cards, save the date, announcement cards or "I'm moving" cards. I'm not that social.

What should I do with 100 postcards?


  1. You could do some really cool things with those--send them to US Troops thanking them for their service. You could send to Children's Hospital. Senior Citizens home. (I did this once with the front saying something like "I hope you have a nice day!" and they absolutely loved that)

    Unless you have something personal to use them for, I think it'd be really neat to do something great with them! Just a thought!

  2. Use them to make people's day.
    Print "You matter!" on one side and write a short, personalized note of encouragement on the other.
    It will give each person who gets one a lift, and will change the way you think about people and probably change your life.

  3. Nicole,

    I agree with Jade with a twist. Make it a giveaway for one of your books or an invitation to join your blog roll.

  4. If you wanted to hold on to them for a year, January is National Handwritten Letter Month. :)

  5. I like the first idea in the comment box. But the first thing that popped into my head before reading the comments...was make them Christmas postcard.? Maybe?

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. You could use them as Rsvps for your wedding. You would save mega money on stationary and return postage.

  7. I remember a collage you made a long time ago. It was the first thing I thought of - not making a collage out of the cards, but as a design on the cards. Message?

    I thought you might use them as blog promotion cards, even if they are a little big to leave on a table at a cafe. That's what makes them so eye-catching.

    Honestly, I do like the first idea. It would be a really great use of the cards, and it would bring a little bit of home to some of our military, who are working so hard to defend our Constitution and our freedom.


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