23 May 2013

The Best Blueberry Smoothies Ever

I actually got this recipe from my mom (and she did say it was okay to blog about!). And I couldn't wait to share with everyone.

It's a blueberry smoothie recipe that (I think) beats out anything you can get at Jamba Juice. It's simple ingredients and extremely easy to make in the morning. It doesn't add any weird ingredients and it looks pretty (it's blue).

First, what you need -

Yup, just three ingredients. You can use any variety of brands, but the most important part of this recipe is your choice of blueberries.

First, make sure to use frozen blueberries. While fresh blueberries are good, you want the icy, frozen quality of the smoothie to come from the berry and not from any ice you have to add to make it cold (which makes it watery). The brand I highly recommend is Stahlbush Farm's Blueberries. It's the best brand and while it doesn't come by cheap, it beats out any frozen blueberry I've ever tried. Plus Stalbush Farms is a local Oregon farm and that makes it even better. I prefer their brand because most brands of blueberries end up being too tart, too watery, or end up creating a weird texture.  But these are perfect.

Second, you need yogurt and vanilla soy milk. I highly recommend vanilla greek yogurt because it's a way to get some protein in the morning. Vanilla soy milk is also the best choice because it's really sweet.

And it's basically one cup of each - one cup of frozen blueberries, one cup greek yogurt, and one cup of vanilla soy milk.

So, did you get that down?


1 cup of Stahlbush Farm's frozen blueberries
1 cup of Vanilla soy milk
1 cup of Greek Yogurt

(By the way, the ingredients above make about 24 ounces of smoothie, so if you only want a little glass, you can probably divide this between two people; double the recipe to make enough for 4).


Put the ingredients in a blender and hit blend!

And that's it! All you have to do is serve and enjoy!
If you want to change things around a bit, try these variations:
Use chocolate soy instead, and add in peanut butter.
Shake in cinnamon and nutmeg for added spicy quality.
What do you usually have for breakfast in the morning?
Disclaimer: I received two coupons for free blueberries in exchange for my honest review.


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