20 May 2013

Prepare to Evict Earth...With Some Complications of Course (A Book Review)

I am such a sucker for science fiction that gets meshed in with our own reality. The funny thing is when I first got the email about this book, all I could see was the subject line that read: EVICTION NOTICE. I got the twist of panic (I'm awful with credit card bills these days) until I realized, "No, that's the title of the book."

Of course, I wanted to read it.

You first meet Alice Able, a young woman who is miserable over her life. She's preparing to end it all, but first, she has to prepare her house. She places sticky notes all over the place with notes on where things should go after she passes, until there's a knock at the door that interrupts her...

...but before we go into that, we also meet a group of teens preparing for the ultimate senior prank - crop circles. The crop circle prank serves as an homage to another great senior prank so many years ago. Hoping to cause a simple stir in the morning papers, the teens go to bed that night wistfully dreaming of the honor and  respect that will come from their classmates once everyone catches on...

As bizarre and different as the two stories seem like above, the choices and lives of these characters bump into each other and create a fantastical situation that can only be found in the world of fiction (a world I love so much). Alice Able gets jolted out of her demise and thrust into the role of leader of our free-ish world. Meanwhile, our group of teenagers follow along a brilliant little creature that was found from a fallen spaceship.

And a little town of Ogden, Iowa becomes the center stage for the end of the world as we know it (cue REM music)...or is it?

Eviction Notice by Robyn Wyrick is quite the ride, and while there were moments I had a little trouble keeping track of who was who, it was a lot of fun. Make sure you go to Amazon and grab your copy today! You can also grab it at Barnes and Noble. And don't forget to check out Robyn Wrick's website for updates.

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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