Flash 500 - The Anniversary Edition - Download Your Free Copy Today!

May 11, 2013

It's here!! Okay, well right it's only 10:57 pm on the West Coast, so we're not technically late on the publication date

I'm scheduling this post for the morning though to catch everyone while you're drinking your morning coffee - that way you can download your copy of the anniversary edition of the weekly writing prompt!

Download Flash 500  today! It's a free book and it's awesome! It's also a lot of work and a lot of learning experiences along the way (makes sense, though doesn't it?)

Anyways, thank you everyone for your hard work submitting this week and a big huge thank you to Carrie for doing so much work on this!


  1. Insρiring story there. What occurred after?


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  2. I, er - borrowed this for my blog. :P Thank you!!

  3. This was a wonderful idea, Nicole. Thanks to you and Carrie for all the hard work.


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