05 May 2013

Best Experience Gifts for Mother's Day (for under $25)

It's Mother's Day coming up!

I tend to overly obsess and plan about holidays. Literally, I start thinking about a month in advance over potential ideas. So, this Mother's Day, I have been thinking a lot about what I'd like to plan that doesn't cost too much money, but can make the day special. My mom is my best friend and I want to do something that stands out just a bit.

But the question is - can you have a memorable Mother's Day under $25.00?

Yes, yes you can.

1) A day trip.

Drive By, Road Trip,

Okay, granted the price of gas these days makes a "day trip" less and less attractive, but if you plan right, you can budget your costs. Use fuel calculators to track how much fuel you will use for the trip (try this). Plus, by packing a picnic and homemaking some goodies for the trip will save you money.

 2) Breakfast in bed (or at home, in the backyard, or at the park in walking distance).

Restaurants charge too much, are overcrowded and everyone else will be at the same place at the same time. Reduce the stress and increase the relaxation by making breakfast yourself. You don't have to overcomplicate it at all - bring some fresh fruit, good bread, and figure out some great (simple) egg recipes and you have breakfast!
3) A "girl" day.
While a day at the nearest massage spa would be nice, most of us can't afford that type of gift. Treat your mom to a special day by bringing by a tote bag full of beauty supplies and create your own spa day together! Paint nails, put on tear-jerker movies, and get some recipes for facial masks.
4) Hobby supply gifts.
Cowboy Boots  
Okay, I got this idea from Martha Stewart, but it's actually a pretty good idea. Get your mom started on a hobby she's always wanted to do. It can be easy to pick up the supplies too, especially if you shop smart (think garage sales, Goodwill, and thrift shops for some deals on the basics). If it's something outside of the "craft" realm, maybe it's line dancing, or seeing more plays, visit sites like Discover A Hobby, to get ideas of what you need. Spend the day learning the line dancing moves together and learning the craft together.
 5) Go to an event!

Crystal Method Concert - St. Louis
Sometimes the best days are ones that are spent outside! Visit sites like Eventful and see what's going on Mother's Day. A lot of the events you can find have very little cost to them and this would be a great memorable day!
Anyways, I hope this gives you a few "outside the box" ideas for Mother's Day!  And don't forget, getting creative and even homemade items can be cherished and remembered for a long time! Step outside the box and make it a day your mom will never forget.
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