23 April 2013

It's Crayola's 110th Birthday!!!!!

I don't care how old you are, there is nothing like a big, brand new box of crayons. And to me, Crayola is the household name for crayons.Not to mention, the utter nostalgia associated with that brand.

For me, I remember so many afternoon's spent drawing pictures, coloring them in, looking for the Macaroni and Cheese color, trying to think of ways to use the Midnight Blue crayon and trying to balance all the broken pieces carefully into their place in the crayon box.

Way back in Kindergarten, I remember this kid used to go around to all the tables and take all the gold and silver crayons (remember how important that used to be??).

Plus, when I was growing up, I used to have this big huge Crayola (homemade) poster on my wall. I had that for years until I donated it to Goodwill as a teenager.

For me, Crayola crayon is a huge part of growing up. And what better way to celebrate their 110th birthday, by going to their birthday bash?

Okay, no, I'm not invited. Yet. They are hosting a contest over on their Facebook page, for you to enter to win four tickets to their birthday bash! If you win, you will get experience their interactive exhibits and fun attractions - oh my God, I am feeling giddy. Are you giddy? I'm giddy.

You will get a three night stay, all expenses paid trip to experience their celebration on May 24th!

So, make sure you go by the Facebook page to enter - you will make everyone (including me) totally jealous if you win.

Disclaimer: Crayola provided me with the necessary information for this post.


  1. What you still don't use crayons! I do.

    A cute, heart tugging story. I have a conversion van for many years. It was totaled after a head on collision. It was 14 years old. When I went to clean t out before it was disposed of what do you think I found? Yep that's right an orange Crayola crayon. It had spent almost ten years in on of the pockets behind the driver's seat. Granted it had melted and reformed many times over the years.

    When was it left in the pocket? On a trip to Disney World when my youngest daughter was 8. She was 22 when I wrecked the van.

    1. Awwww, wow, what memories can come up with a simple item!!! Did you keep the crayon??

  2. Love crayons!!! Think I'll go out and buy a box after reading this.


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