23 April 2013

Go Incognito with Your Spy Tec Sunglasses - (Also, Check Out My Newest Video!)

You guys know how I love to be creative and I love the opportunity to use unique things to explore my creative self.

So, when I had the chance to review the Inventio-HD Video Sunglasses by SpyTec, I thought a few things. First - Ohmahgawd, I get to be a spy girl. Second - I'm fairly certain I can find something really awesome to film with these. Third - how would I explain wearing these indoors and would they look good on me?

Anyways, here's what the sunglasses look like in the box. There's a little yellow button on the side that you push to record. Very chic and obscure. I felt like I was in touch with my inner Charlie's Angel.

What to Know First

These sunglasses film in fifteen minute increments. You can always keep filming if you want a lengthier period, but just know it will be in fifteen minute sections.

The glasses film in an slight upwards direction. So, wear them a bit lower on your face, if you want a certain direct, straight forward angle.

And What to Know While Filming

If you happen to be moving while you are recording, I have learned that these sunglasses really capture - and somewhat exaggerate, it seems - your movement. I found the filming went best if I was filming something moving in front of me, rather than filming how I was moving, if that makes sense.

These sunglasses work better when you are filming with a lot of light, whether it's natural or lamp lighting. It can capture darker scenes, just know that it may not be as visible as you'd like to see.


The sunglasses had amazing picture quality and captured each and every color I saw and enhanced it. It was incredible. I was extremely impressed.

And now, what did I end up filming?

Well, that's the fun part. I take the bus home and there is a scene that I absolutely love right outside my window - it's all these beautiful trees and I'm lucky enough to get on the bus early so I can get a window seat. This is perfect for when I want to daydream or just drift or when I want to dwell on a story idea.

I added music to one of my favorite songs (and the lyrics) , "Catch the Wind" by Donovan, to enhance the experience. Hope you enjoy!

I had so much fun making this!

These sunglasses are definitely worth buying if you are an outdoorsy type (or just want to get in touch with your inner James (or Jane) Bond). Make sure you check them out here!

Disclaimer: I received these sunglasses in exchange for my honest review.


  1. WOW how cool! My inner child is stamping its foot and screaming, "I want one!!!!" :-D

    1. Haha!! OH you must get one!!! :) It's so fun!!!


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