09 April 2013

[G]eneral Life Update And [H]ow Are You?

In my defense, I was up late working on something last night and completely forgot to write something for G.
This might be cheating, but today's post is for the letter G and the letter H.
I'll use today's post to a general life update and ask how you are doing!
On a positive note, I am doing well with a new story idea (remember - I'm very superstitious and it is not a novel until I'm done), and I reached the end of Chapter 2 last night! Plus, I'm starting to enjoy typing my story out on the bus onto my cell phone, oddly enough.
I also will take breaks during the work day and scribble out the continuing story line. So, my story is coming together in piece parts.  I think the key to doing this - if you are doing this - is to make sure you are typing up what you've written (or copying and pasting) onto a document that is sort of the "home base" document for everything.
I am also looking forward to book 3 in one of my favorite series - The Unwind Series. If you are a fan, book 3 is coming out in October of this year, and I can't wait! (You can preorder on Amazon, too).
The downside is - my fantasy novel editing has been cut back significantly. I think I need a break from it for a while. At least until April is over and a few projects that I'm still working on are completed this month. I still feel bad though and really don't want to let that novel get dusty in a drawer somewhere.
Anyways, [h]ow are you doing today?


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