04 April 2013

[D]on't Go To Bed Yet!

Okay, it's 10:35 pm and this definitely counts as my letter 'D' post for today.

Are you still awake??
So let's talk nightly rituals. Those funky things you must do before you go to bed - and if you don't, you can't really fall asleep the whole night.

1) Get the coffee ready for the morning - and double check multiple times.

I set the coffee for the morning. And I check the time. And I check the time. Oh, and I check the time. This is a massive quirky obsession for me. I have actually set the time wrong and in the middle of the night I'll smell the coffee go off and I end up racing awake to turn the coffee off. Then I end up never falling asleep because the smell of coffee can keep me awake.

So, this is a ritual I must do before bed. Must.

2) Flossing and washing my face.

I never used to worry about washing my face, but I realized I get fewer skin issues - break outs, flaking etc. when I wash my face. I also floss every night. It's a habit for me now as I floss as I watch television.

Obviously, brushing my teeth happens around this time. I brush twice a day. Heh he.

3) Bring my sweatshirt to bed.

Even when it's summer, I bring a sweatshirt to bed with me. It's a weird quirk, but I feel funny when I don't have one nearby. This is very similar to my need to sleep with socks on. Even if in two seconds, I take them off, I don't like not having them with me when I first go to sleep.

4) Get the last word in on texts.

If I'm in the middle of texting someone, I can't let them have the last word in. Even if I respond and immediately turn my phone off, I need to believe I've been the last person to text.

I try not to let this 'get the last word in' bleed into the arguments I find myself involved in.

5) Put Vaseline on my lips.

Okay, I don't like flavored lip gloss or flavored chap stick before bed. If I put that type of stuff on, I would never fall asleep. But this is another thing I must do before bed, otherwise I'm up all night licking dry lips and I'll end up with flaky lip skin which is really nasty.

What are your nightly rituals? What are the 'must do' things before you go to bed?



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  2. Depends on where I am as to my nightly ritual. Most nights I brush my teeth, floss, and go to bed.

    1. Hmm, so simple, but makes so much more sense than my lengthy routine! :)

  3. Take a shower, brush teeth, put on pj's, go to bed. Simple. www.sandysanderellasmusings.blogspot.com Cute post!

  4. Nothing. I tried to think of something, but there's not. There are lots of things I prefer to do before bed, but nothing I have to do to fall asleep. Which doesn't sound like me at all. I need to find a thing, dang it! ;)

    1. YOU MUST!! I'm sure you have a weird bed time quirk in you somewhere! :)

  5. I always end up watching TV before I go to bed. The extra time helps me wind down from the day.

    1. Oh me too!! TV is a nice relaxer (relaxor?)!

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