25 March 2013

The Real Writer's Muse - Coffee by the Green Mountain Coffee

Since I've been blogging about coffee, I love getting the chance to try new, but familiar brands. I heard of Green Mountain Coffee through their commercials (and don't they always look so peaceful?), but getting the chance to actually try the coffee was a new experience.

Green Mountain Coffee was founded in 1993, and is considered a leader in specialty coffee and coffee makers. This is the same brew company that founded the Keurig System (did you know that?? I sure didn't!).

I especially love coffee companies that specialize in helping the community and even helping the world. Not to mention, they work towards reducing the waste and making sure their creation of this amazing coffee is still good for the environment.

Now for the important part - the coffee.

 I loved the taste of this coffee. I brewed both bags that you see above - "Dark Magic Espresso Blend" and "House Blend" and both offered very unique tastes. Dark Magic Espresso Blend was a rich flavored coffee that had that deep flavorful taste that I look for in coffee. House Blend is perfect for the types who just can't appreciate a dark roast and love the lighter flavor of a medium blend.

What I also appreciate about Green Mountain Coffee is that they offer very decently priced bags of coffee. Not to mention if you sign up for their "club prices" where you get automatic delivery, you get 15% off! They also have a deal of the week (I love deals).

Of the two I tried, I highly recommend the Dark Magic Espresso Blend - I'm a personal fan of dark coffees and this was a winner with each pot of coffee that I made.

So when you pour your next cup of coffee during that early morning writing session, make sure you purchase a bag of this amazing blend of coffee.

Disclaimer: I received two complimentary bags of coffee in exchange for my honest review.



  1. Green Mountain Coffee delivers to local stores in my hometown, Saratoga Springs. It's my favorite!

  2. Hello, Nicole--it's DerrickT from Flickr; we've been corresponding about my image on your blog, the anniversary book, and so on. Anyway, as I ventured upon your blog today, I saw this particular post, and I wanted to respond to it (as a fellow coffee-fiend, mind you!). I have never heard of Green Mountain Coffee, but it sounds delicious.

    As a southerner, and to share with you one of my favorite coffee brands, some of the most delectable coffee that I have ever tasted is via "A Southern Season" which is based out of North Carolina. I had a friend who sent me a bundle package for Christmas one year via this brand, and I was truly stunned to my solar plexus-core! Here is the website, if you would be interested in giving it a gander:


    The Bavarian Chocolate flavored coffee was one of my favorites.

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