23 March 2013

A Supportive Blog Community - Blog Friendly PR

One thing that I've appreciated since I started this blog was the amazing community of bloggers that I always came across. Everyone is so supportive of each other and lend a hand when another needs some help or feedback or when someone needs a few comments or two.

I found Blog Friendly PR about a year ago. My biggest complaint with some online forums is how...dead they seem to be. Like maybe one thread will have a comment from a week ago and everything else will have recent activity from two years ago. That isn't the case with Blog Friendly PR.

Blog Friendly PR is a blogger outreach program that works towards bringing bloggers together and providing the resources necessary to be successful on our blogs. I have found social networking support, general to the more complicated blog questions address, opportunities shared, and so much more on this network.

Nina, the site's owner, also plays an active role in the success of the site. She is really hands on and that is something else I appreciate. There isn't some elusive creator that never seems to show their presence. Instead, she values everyone's opinion, remains active on the site, and is extremely responsive to questions.

If you happen to be looking for a blogging support site, you will want to give Blog Friendly PR a try. It's easy to sign up, and there is also an Elite program where you get special access to opportunities that are found and shared with the group.

Disclaimer: I will receive a complimentary Elite program membership in exchange for this honest review.



  1. I'll have to check it out. You also might want to look into my latest project to help build blog support. I call it the Blog Blitz. :)

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