01 January 2013

Julibox - Monthly Cocktail Subscription - A Review

So, we all miss getting stuff in the mail and I don't know about you, but with the blog craze going on, I just don't see the purpose in subscribing to a lot of magazines. But a new growing trend of subscription boxes has my mailbox (and me) smiling again.

Last week I had the opportunity to try out Julibox, a monthly cocktail subscription where you receive two recipes and the ingredients for two drinks per cocktail.

I love this subscription service (and I've already subscribed for another month!).

The Packaging:

The packaging reminded me of why I love getting things in the mail. Each item is individually wrapped in their custom tissue paper and sectioned off so none of the ingredients are confused together.

They are layered top and bottom with what I like to call "packaging hay" so nothing is damaged in shipping (which I promptly kept since I am a gift wrap hoarder and these would be perfect for homemade gift baskets).

Next, your welcome card that comes with the box that introduces you to the delivery box and gives you the recipes you will be trying this month. Best of all, they give you the complete recipe, so if you enjoy it, you can make it yourself again.

The Drinks

The drinks we tried were called the Polish Mule and the Daily Rose.

First, The Polish Mule. I was pleasantly surprised and so was my mom. What I like the most about the Julibox is that it allows me to try drinks I never would have tried before. I never would have tried a recipe with Ginger beer, but this drink made me appreciate it. It isn't too sweet and my mom and I were pleasantly surprised about how much of a punch it had -

My older brother tried the Daily Rose.

He mentioned it was sweet drink and the addition of grapefruit made it for an interesting blend.

We for sure will be trying these recipes again. Again, this is what I love the most about this subscription - new flavor combinations to try in your evening beverage.

The Price

Well, it's a little expensive ($40/month for the "Try Me" monthly subscription, $38/month for 3 month subscription, and $36/month for 6 - 9 month subscription). But really, quality does not come cheap and the Julibox team obviously puts a lot of time and care into each box. I recommend you try at least one box (or give one as a gift). You will be pleasantly surprised and you will more than likely want to try this again.  The awesome money saver fit though? Shipping is FREE.

Who Should Buy It

This is perfect for an adventurous drinker who needs something new. I would describe myself that way and I tend to avoid trying unfamiliar recipes (I usually end up making Cherry Vodka Sours or an Old Fashioned all the time). So this subscription box is perfect for me.

If you aren't much of a drinker, an just enjoy an occasional glass of wine on Friday nights, you may not appreciate the idea of spending the money for this subscription. But if you are more like me, I can tell you this is worth a try.

Would I buy this again?

You bet! In fact, I already paid for a subscription box in January.

How to buy

Just go online to their website, create an account, and purchase your subscription here.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary box in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Hi Nicole, thanks for posting this! I think it's a wonderful idea and would make a great gift!!

  2. Thanks Darla! This would make a GREAT gift!!! A wonderful surprise! :)


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