14 January 2013

Baker Days - The Perfect Gift for a Far Away Friend

I am never the type who enjoys sending friends gift cards. For some reason, that seems so impersonal to me. So, for my friends who live faraway, I end up spending way too much time finding just the right gift that is still personal, yet won't cost me an insurmountable amount in shipping.

I found this balance with Baker Days, a personalized cake company, that sends you letter box sized cakes for any occassion.

I absolutely loved it. First, they are right in the fact that these are "letterbox" cakes. They fit right inside most mailboxes. So, when you open it up, you get an adorable round tin (which I have kept; I love things like this).

Then, you open it up, and you see the most beautiful cake. This is a work of art, plus it's personalized. Plus it has a princess (obviously me; don't you see the resemblance? Just picture me blonde) (I almost felt guilty for eating it...almost).

Following this, is the cake itself.

Oh my gawd, this cake is unbelievable. I had put it in the fridge for a day so it could be cold, and once I split it three ways, my mom, older brother and I devoured this thing. The icing was ice cold from the fridge and it was a thick layer. It felt like one of those chocolate or vanilla icing dipped cookies you get at the bakery and your favorite part is the crunchy icing. The cake inside was a carrot cake and it tasted really fresh and soft, which happened to be a wonderful contrast to the icing on top.

Just add a tall glass of ice cold milk to the mix, and you will find yourself on cloud 9.

The negatives? Really, the only negative I can think of is that you will want more of this after you finish your cake. Which isn't a bad thing, actually.

By the way, this is just the beginning - take a look at some of their other cakes on their website. They have everything from holiday based cakes to cakes to celebrate passing the driver's test to humor cakes. You also custom design your cake - you get to personalize everything about the cake - from the message, to the type of cake to put it with (so many kinds to choose from - like chocolate (!!), sponge cake, even fruit cake, and more). It's only 14.99 pounds (they are a UK based company!) which converts to about $24.36 US dollars.

I have a couple of friends out of state that I can't wait to send one of these to. It doesn't break the bank and it's personalable treat for a friend. And Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so if your Valentine happens to be a few too many miles away to spend the day with, this is a perfect surprise to send their way!

So go to BakerDays.com to send your sweet lovin' someone's way.
Sorry, that sounded creepy didn't it?

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary cake in exchange for this honest review.


  1. Nicole - I SO agree with you on the gift cards. I give them when I have to but don't like to. To me it says nothing about how I feel about someone. The cakes are pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Kathy!! I was pretty impressed with them too! This is the type of gift that feels MUCH more personal!

  2. Very cute idea! Happy New Year Nicole!

    1. Thank you Eva!! It's nice to hear from you BTW! :)


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