21 December 2012

Put "Give to a Good Cause" On Your Wish List This Year

Have you ever wanted to give to a good cause for the holiday season?

I wanted to share with you this new, wonderful way to contribute to a charity this holiday season in a new and unique way. You can purchase life impacting gifts on behalf of a recipient  and not only will both of you have that warm fuzzy feeling inside, you will help the livelihood of someone in need.

You go to the World Vision catalog and you select a gift based on the price range you can afford. You can gift everything from clean water, to live stock to helping girls and women from around the world.

Sometimes, I worry about donating by just giving money. I'm the type of person who likes to know exactly what I'm giving and not just donating to a bank account. This site gives me the satisfaction that I am actually giving to someone with an actual gift they really really need.

And if you aren't sold on this yet, watch this video and you will want to give this holiday season -

I tagged this post with the hashtag "20acts" because Ann Curry started a movement of 20 Acts of Kindness in order to restore our faith in humanity after the horrifying tragedy in Newtown.

If you are looking to do a random kindness, this is a start. This can make all the difference in someone's world and when you donate here, you also donate to the goodness in humanity. Because it is there. Sometimes we just need a little help seeing it.

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  1. Nicole,d this is a great idea! We are always busy giving gifts this time of the year, but really it the best gift is to give to those in need and to give something they really need. We take so much for granted, when around the world there are people who really are happy just to get food and clean water to drink. Happy Holidays and take care!

    1. Thank you Lena!! My sentiments exactly! It's tough to see outside our own world and to be able see others' struggles. It truly is a wonderful cause!


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