28 December 2012

My Secret Superpower - Flower Arranging (and a Quick How To)

Alright, I know that post title has three parts to it, but I have to brag about my latest learned skill (which I happened upon by accident).

It all happened when I received flowers from Flower’s Muse, a company that brings you flowers directly from the farm. For any order you place, they work to bring you the freshest bouquet or flower bunches they can right to your front door. If you are the more creative type, you can order the flowers in bunches and received them packed fresh in a box, ready for you muse to take over. Or if you would rather than do the arrangement love, then you receive the floral arrangement packed ready for you to place in the vase of your choosing (or for you to give to the one you love).

Not to mention they also choose farms with the best business practices (including healthcare, daycare for employee’s children, meals, and so much more). Somehow that just gives me a wonderful feeling when I know that I am contributing towards a company with these types of standards.

Anyways, I received their beautiful Hydrangea Petite Yellow flower bunches, which did not come pre-arranged.

Here is how they arrived (my before photo) -

Although I am not a pro flower arranger, I am impressed with the skills I do have (my after photo) -

Here is my simple how to when it comes to arranging these flowers -

1) These flowers were quite long and since I had so many to arrange, I wanted to make sure I chose a vase that would balance properly with the flowers. So I chose a large, clear vase to arrange them in and filled it with water (about halfway).

2) I snipped the flowers three to four inches from the bottom and cut them at an angle (this means they absorb the water better).

3) This may or may not be to the benefit of the flower, but since there were quite a lot of leaves, I also snipped those. To me, they ended up looking a little better in the vase and presented cleaner (and the spotlight was more on the yellow of the flower, to me). I did a little digging after the fact and I did confirm that you do want to at least cut the leaves that will be submerged in water.

4) The arranging part - for me, when I started to arrange them, I visualized a big puffy cloud of yellow and I think this inspired the arrangement. I placed them one at a time, and I often snipped the flower a little bit more, depending on where they ended up in the vase. And if I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. Even Martha Stewart herself said for flowers like hydrangeas, bunching them together in the same arrangement can have a big impact.

Unfortunately, my flowers did not last as quite as long as I anticipated. Although the flowers from Flower Muse are reported to last two weeks, these lasted about a week. I think this had more to do with me, as I was unable to pick them up from the office they were held in, until a couple of days later. I have a feeling this impacted the life of the flowers.

Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed having this arrangement in my home and it reminded me of spring (which is a nice feeling by the way). If you are looking for beautiful flowers for your home, or for an upcoming event (i.e. wedding, anyone?), Flower Muse is a wonderful choice.

Check out their website here to purchase your flowers.

Disclaimer: I received two complimentary flower bunches in exchange for my honest review.

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