03 December 2012

If You Happen to be in San Francisco This Christmas...

Painted Ladies at Dusk

If I had won the Powerball this past week (don't lie, I know you are disappointed that you didn't win, too), I would have gone to San Francisco for this up and coming holiday. Seriously, that is my favorite city to visit, live, stop by, vacation, etc. 
So, since I can't afford to take that vacation this Christmas, I decided to torment myself more, by planning the vacation that I wish I could take using GoGoBot.com. GoGoBot allows you to create your dream vacation and check out other people's reviews at the same time, so you know that you are getting both a good deal and a good time.

Now, back to the vacation I wish I was taking...

First, where would I stay? 

If you have ever been to the city (or if you have never been and you want to go), you know that the best places to stay are near either Union Square or Pier 39 (yes it's a tourist trap, but come on, you know you want to see those sea lions). If I wanted to stay near Union Square in particular, the Hilton in San Francisco received a four star review and it's only $158 a night (which is not bad at all, by the way).

But, if I wanted to increase my spending just a bit (hey, I can dream, can't I?) I would stay at the Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf. This is right by the pier and it's received almost 5 stars on reviews on GoGoBot.com. Isn't that incredible? Yes, it's $204 a night, but if you want to stay by the pier and have an amazing vacation in San Francisco, this is the place to stay.

Oh my, okay...so I have only been to this particular restaurant a couple of times when I lived in the Bay Area. But this is one of the hidden gems in San Francisco. This restaurant is called, "Scoma's." It isn't necessarily an easy find, but it's off the wharf and it has incredible seafood. You know what? This received five star reviews on the GoGoBot.com and there is a reason for it. This is a must go restaurant for anyone who visits the city. You must go to Scoma's. Must. Go. Scoma's.

Well, where would I go while I'm there?

Okay, first - Fisherman's Wharf. I know, I know, it's extremely touristy and always very crowded, but you know what? They have Ghiradelli's Chocolate there!! I'm a sucker for chocolate, you all know that. Plus, they have a beautiful bookstore that overlooks the water and I'm more than a sucker for books.
And first and foremost, if you are in the city, it's an absolute must that you visit the Golden Gate Bridge. You cannot leave without seeing that amazing icon of the city (but if you decide to walk across, be prepared to be out of breath by the time you reach the other side).

Pier 39, without a doubt should be on your list as well. From the barking sea lions that draws everyone's attention to the cute little shops, it's really easy to spend your day there. Trust me, it's always super crowded, but it's definitely worth it. Plus, the performing street artists surrounding the pier are worth seeing as well.

Finally my last suggestion is Union Square. This is the ultimate in shopping experience, so make sure you bring your spending money. You can spend the whole weekend exploring this part of the city and if there is any place that makes me wish I won that lottery, it's Union Square.
Well, this was my dream vacation! Make sure to create yours at GoGoBot.com! Gogobot allows you to tap into the knowledge of your friends when planning a trip anywhere. You can find like-minded travelers and inspiration for your next vacation, creating easy-to-use wishlists you can return to again and again.

And when you are not in vacation mode or planning a trip, you can discover hidden gems in your own neighborhood for entertaining guests or a weekend staycation.

The best part? Every page on Gogobot is personalized. You can see reviews from your friends and people you are following at the top, which allows you to weed out the noise and fraudulent reviews that become a problem on other review sites. Check out Gogobot today!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gogobot. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Thanks a lot, one more place I'd like to go that costs a bunch! Wait, I can go to the SOuth Street Seaport in downtown NYC no problem, maybe not the same or as good, but for the money(if you are in the NYC area) it is a great location.

    1. That's good to know! I like unique locations like the one you mentioned! For now, I will have to dream about the city until I can afford to visit again. :)

  2. Love the pictures, Nicole! I've only ever layed over at LAX, and that's embarrassing because I was actually born in California. I can't believe I've never gone back to visit.

    1. Ohhh no!! See?? You have to go back. :) Easier said than done of course, but it's on my list for next year. :)

  3. It's been some time since I visited SF. Your photos are beautiful that maybe it's about time I make another visit.

  4. I practically grew up in The City...Yes..with Capital letters...My grammy lived just 4 blocks from the beach and Cliff House/Sutro. I spent all my summers at her house and many weekends and holidays.
    I would say stay at Seal Rock Inn, right between the Presidio and Cliff House. Eat at Clown Alley on Geary or Balboa's on Fillmore.
    Definately agree with Ghiradelli's...FLICKS! Dark chocolate or mint chocolate are the faves...
    If you have an entire day...well, the exploratorium at The Palace can't be beat.
    Walking the GG can be hair raising! Did you know it can way 25+ feet up and down and side to side?
    Thanks for sharing your love of The City...I always miss it...


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