22 December 2012

If You Can Read This, It Means the Mayans Were Wrong

I'm actually posting this in advance (pre-apocalypse). I figure now is a good of time as any, right?

Well if you can read this...it means we survived!!!

In that case, in honor of the world not coming to an end, I thought I would share my resolutions for 2013.

1) Finish "A Light Burns at Midnight."

I haven't yet finished the typed version yet and I anticipate that I will be complete by June of 2013 (a typed version at least).

2) Get rough draft of new novel halfway done.

I have a brand new novel idea that I am pursuing and I would love a rough draft (or half of one) by the end of 2013.

...okay, I won't add lose weight to the list. That is an obvious one and mostly I just want to eat healthy.

I managed to get my resolution for 2012 (finish my first draft of my fantasy novel) and I think that I can repeat my success.

Remember, if you are making resolutions, here's a few tips to keep in mind -

1) Start small.

The smaller the goal, the more likely you'll achieve it.

2) Share it with family, friends, and blog readers.

The more people who know your goal, the most likely you are to not want to fail their expectations.

3) Be specific and devise a plan.

Don't just say you want to lose weight. What work out plan do you have in place? What specifically do you want to publish and how will you get ready?

What are your resolutions? What are your tips for New Years Resolutions? Did the world end in your area and what was it like?

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