I Have a Bad Feeling About This - A Bit of Short Fiction

December 17, 2012
In case you haven't met my newest character's Marco and Figaro, read my previous ongoing blog story entitled, "The Curse."

"I have a bad feeling about this," Marco knew these were famous last words. His goofy, and seriously off the chart, magician friend Figaro brought them to the college campus and Marco stood behind a large oak tree, waiting for the next disaster his friend would think up next.

Figaro set up the door prop on the grass and opened it up.

"Oh ye of little faith..." Figaro said, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Marco suppressed a heavy sigh. "How about the time we ended up taking two strangers back in time?"

"Ssh," Figaro join Marco behind the tree and giggled to himself. "Wait, how much did you fill the parking meter?"

Marco rolled his eyes at the question, until he realized its implication. "Why? How long are we gonna be here?"

"Ssh, ssh, look."

Marco followed Figaro's eyes to a cluster of students on what seemed like a campus tour. The crowd of parents and hopeful teenagers watched the oblivious tour guide at the front of the crowd.

"Here we have our campus park, where you can hang out with friends, try our tasty olive pizza at the food truck or...or...see a piece of..." The tour guide's right arm remained frozen in the air and directed at the mysteriously placed doorway in the middle of the open space.

Figaro snickered. "Here it comes."

Marco felt his stomach twist at Figaro's comment. He watched as the tour guide stepped closer and closer to the curious object.

"Wait! Wait!" Marco shouted. He ignored the harsh whispers from the oak tree that called out his name and smiled at the crowd. "Ha ha, sorry. I left my...my...latest project here." He took the arm of the tour guide and awkwardly shook it. "Thank you sir for monitoring my latest piece. It's about to be featured in...in...You Design Magazine, you know!"

He shut the open door and lifted the doorway off the grass as the tour guide began to explain the school's elaborate modern art program.

"Darn you, Marco!" Figaro shouted. One thing that Figaro hated the most was having his schemes interrupted. He burst out behind the tree and ran for the doorway in Marco's arms. Figaro jumped on top. Marco collapsed to the ground with the extra weight. Enraged, he shoved off the door and pushed Figaro who returned the favor.

"We can't have this type of activity happening in front of prospective students and their families!" The tour guide shouted. He joined in the scuffle and attempted to pull the two apart.

Without either of them paying attention, the doorway collapsed to the ground with the door wide open. As Marco pulled Figaro away from the tour guide who pulled at Marco, Figaro tripped - either accidental or on purpose - in the direction of the open door.

"Bibbity - bobbity- boo!" Figaro shouted. Like a flash of a camera, all three of them disappeared into the doorway, leaving a lone door prop lying flat in the middle of the park.

....to be continued with next week's writing prompt!

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