21 December 2012

How Did The World End For You?

It's almost 11 o'clock at night and I thought I would follow this prompt I found about how I think the world will end!

Well, I have an hour before it's officially not ending and I thought I would share my insight on how it would end...

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I thought about the various ways the world might come to an end. Zombies, a religious themed ending, Aliens, Robots...I even made sure to slap a note on my untyped fantasy novel that said, "IF WORLD ENDS AND ALIENS ARE READING THIS, PLEASE PUBLISH THIS NOVEL."

Heh heh, you never know, right?

And then I couldn't help but wonder why the Mayan's stopped at December 21, 2012.

Seriously, why was that an end? Why did we think that the world would end?

Obviously, the wine is seeping in, because none of this makes sense to me.

Instead of taking this doomsday approach, I decided to choose a different "world ending" plot (which may or may not be a cop out...which also may or may not be inspired by someone else's post about this that I read, I can't really remember).

But I think the Mayan's were telling us this - that today is the day to change things. Today is not the day to remain status quo. To sit back and watch time go by. Nor is this the time to bemoan what we've lost, missed out on, or forgotten about.

Let this day be a day of change. To embrace our new selves. Maybe the Mayan's saw us gaining a new enlightenment.

Dust off that novel and start typing away. Take out that lengthy classic you've been meaning to finish. Tighten up your laces and start walking and get healthy. Get out the trash bags and get organized. Toss your cigarettes and slap on a patch, it's time to quit smoking. Start calling long lost friends and family members.

Don't let another year go by where you regret what you haven't done.

Maybe the Mayan's knew of our tendency for people to not really listen until it's an exaggeration. Maybe they chuckled to themselves as they put that final date, or maybe they thought, "See? at some point, we will ignite change into our future."

Or hell, maybe aliens will land after all.


  1. This is good. I think it's important to embrace change and remind ourselves to move forward with things, to do the things we've set aside, to appreciate the things we've got.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  2. Perhaps, if anything, this opportunity (afforded by the probable misinterpretation of an ancient Mayan carving) allows us to re-examine what is important to each of us, to filter out the dross and continue to use our time wisely!

    SueH (I Refuse To Go Quietly!)

  3. Aliens are a really good possibility. It would be freaky no matter the species or the abilities.

    Thanks for playing and come get your badge.



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