07 December 2012

Dear Santa - Can I Get These Gifts, Please? Signed Nicole

No, no I should not be wandering on any site at all and perusing the really cool gifts.


This is not what I should be doing. I don't have the money. This would not be the responsible, adult thing to be doing.

But I did it anyways, of course.

Aaaand, of course, you all know my possibly unhealthy fascination with contests and found out that Staples is giving away up to $2,500 worth of items off of your (a.k.a. my) wishlist.

Okay, was that you squealing with glee?

I know, I did too.

So, while I was partially thinking of myself when I put together the Play Station 3, X-Box, and Portable DVD Player, I also have brothers who would love this type of video game system, not to mention would I love to give my mom and brothers new computers for their Christmas gifts. Considering money is tight these days, winning these gifts would make my whole year. Not to mention distract me for a very, very wonderfully long time.

The really nice thing is about putting together this wishlist is that it is super fun to find out their suggestions. Once you get started you just tell them the type of person you are looking to find a gift for and they customize the wishlist just for you. How cool is that?

And how cool would it be to win this? I know it would be...beyond. Just beyond.

I'm excited, aren't you??

So, to enter into this awesome contest, click this link here to create your wishlist. And then don't forget to tweet your wishlist to enter into the giveaway!

I'm certainly crossing my fingers. And don't lose hope too quick - there will be five winners chosen from now until December 22nd! Just in time for Santa!! And this helps in preventing the bad gifting that tends to happen this time of year. Isn't it awesome to give and get what you really want?


  1. Happy holidays! And I hope you get the gifts you really want. I know what you mean about getting gifts you might not want. It would be cool to win. Take care and good luck!

  2. Your list is very similar to mine...but of course I ran over to Staples and created my own. :)


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