21 November 2012

Tasty, Thoughtful, and Easy Gift - Gift Baskets Plus

So, as a writer, too often all of us are way too busy to even think about gifts. I mean, that novel ain't gonna write itself is it? While we are perusing the stores and spending way too much time figuring out which sales are the best and which gifts would make someone happiest, there is a store somewhere that eases the pressure off all of us (that way we can all get back to writing the next great novel).

I introduce to you -

Gift Baskets Plus!

I am in love with their gift baskets, especially the movie buff gift baskets. Not to mention the incredible Christmas and Hanukkah baskets.

And for you healthy types...

My personal favorite...

Why deny it?! I am a chocolate fanatic and have no shame in being really giddy over these divine creations.

I know you are trying to find out the best gift for family, friends and coworkers. I recommend you start here. And guess what? I have a coupon for you guys! Just use 15OFF with your next purchase!

Now, go make that purchase, so you get the holiday burden off your shoulders and you can get back to writing.

Disclaimer: I will receive compensation in the form of a gift basket for this post.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Those are adorable gift baskets.. I am sure my parents will love it!


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