27 November 2012

I Know Why Pee Wee Herman Danced About [Partida] Tequila

One of my favorite movies in the whole world, of course, is Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure and one of the classic scenes that I can watch over and over again is his dance in the biker bar to the song, “Tequila.”

Let’s have a tequila moment with Pee Wee for a second


So, when I was asked to sample Partida Tequila...you know that I jumped at the chance (in honor of Pee Wee Herman of course).

Before I talk about the tequila itself, here is a background about the company. Partida Tequila was founded by J. Gary Shansby. It’s based out of (my favorite city in the world) San Francisco, California. Gary is the creator of the Tequila brand and has made a success out of developing brands for consumer goods (not to mention he is a huge fan of the Mexican culture, history, and Tequila lifestyle).

Now this particular tequila is a little special because it’s created with blue agave, which gives it a unique taste that sets it apart from other brands of tequila. And I have to share the uniquemythical story behind the agave nectar with Tequila. Just read this:

The Legend of the Spirit Bird

The legends say that long ago a woman came upon the Spirit Bird as it faced a challenge. Again and again, it tried to perch upon the Blue Agave but could not keep its balance on the spiny leaves. Then the woman saw the Spirit Bird drink from a tiny hole in the Blue Agave and she understood. And when she tasted the precious golden drops they say it was the birth of Tequila. Today the Spirit Bird still sits on every bottle of Tequila Partida.

So, last week I received this particular tequila to sample and let me say...my oh my! This is by far the best tequila I’ve ever tasted. I just added a little splash of lime juice and added ice and the little sample I had made me feel like I was escaping to a deserted island. It has such a sweet flavor, which is a nice change from the usual harsh taste of other brands of tequila.

I highly recommend giving this a try and adding this to your celebration. Excellence does come at a price though. According to DrinkUpny.com, the price of a bottle of Partida Tequila Anejo is $56.00. Trust me, though, if you have been meaning to indulge, this is the tequila to put your money towards. And if you do happen to purchase some Partida Tequila, here is a recipe you can try, courtesy of PartidaTequila.com:

1 ½ oz Partida Blanco Tequila

1 oz Fresh squeezed lime juice

¾ oz Agave Nectar

¾ oz Water

Shake all ingredients with ice in a shaker. Strain over fresh ice into a Margarita glass or

Old-Fashioned glass.

Taste for Balance.

Note: This is the Margarita recipe made World famous by Julio Bermejo at Tommy’s

Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco.

And as Pee Wee Herman says, “Tequila!!”

Disclaimer: I received samples of the tequila in exchange for this review.

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