16 October 2012

Ergonomic Uglee Pen - For All You Handwriters Out There!

I have no shame in admitting I am a faithful handwriter when it comes to first drafts. In fact, my first novel draft was written that way! So to me, the pens and notebooks in my life are extremely important and to all my writers out there that are reading this post, I know you can say the same.

So I was so glad to review the Uglee Pen - an ergonomic comfort pen. According to their website, the reason it's such a comfortable pen is because of it weight, the smooth writing, and the gel felt grip. Take a look here:

And I wasn't the only one reviewing this pen, though. I offered one to my mom and oldest brother and I got their reactions from it, too!

For me, my immediate reaction was just getting used to it. It's a lot lighter than what I'm used to, and the gel portion of it takes a little time to adjust to while writing. I did see a long term benefit to using this pen though. Like I said, I am a faithful handwriter, especially when it comes to first drafts, and while using the UgLEE pen, I did not notice any hand cramping or tired muscles at any point. To me, that is very important while writing.

But, one thing to note, both my mom and oldest brother did not like the light weight quality of the pen. They both thought this was too light. So, if you are the type to like a heavy pen while you are writing, this may not be the one for you.

However, if you are a long term pen user, you may want to give this a try. I really appreciated the flow and ease of use in this pen and the comfort of the Uglee pen allowed me to continue writing without the worry of muscle cramps in my left hand.

I am happy to say that I am giving away three of these amazing pens to one of my blog readers!

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Disclaimer: I received complimentary pens in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I hand write my book bibles. I like flipping through pages, rather than sorting through electronic files for that. Also, if I'm stuck, I like to write the scene out on paper. I haven't hand written a draft since I got a computer, but I still enjoy the connection to writing a pen and paper give.

  2. I grade papers - quite a few, and I'm also writing a textbook - first draft in handwriting.

  3. Nicole, I also usually write my drafts (esp longer works) by hand. I just love pen and paper and how the story just flows out that way (harder for me on the computer), but I do all my editing once I've typed it into the computer. And this pen sounds like it is great! Anything to relieve hand cramps and keep the writing flowing is a good thing. Take care!

  4. I still write letters!!!!!

  5. I write lists of all kinds, usually, shopping lists.

  6. I'm a major list writer! I've got my grocery lists, honey-do list for my hubby, lists for things to do at my full time job, and lists of things to do for my side business!

    Jessica Eaton Ledford
    cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

  7. I write grocery list & help my son with his homework I Love these pens

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  9. I'm a list girl, for sure. I'm constantly thinking of lists (grocery, things to do, etc.)

  10. notes during meetings, so I don't have to look at the page.

  11. I'm a teacher, so I grade and write papers a lot!

  12. My journal. The handwriting always gets worse near the bottom of the page!

  13. I write a LOT of lists and ideas (stupid plot bunnies). The in the middle of the night I write poems and short stories. ;)

  14. papers for work

  15. I hand write all of my first drafts! I'll write like 10-15 pages and then type them. Really it's because I write faster than I type, but also because the internet distracts me a bit :P

    I'm also a list person. So. Many. Lists.

  16. I'm an administrative assistant, so I'm always taking notes at meetings.

  17. I mainly use to write down my lists and anything else that I want to remember.

  18. home work lists and my journal

  19. i keep alot of lists
    gabbflabber at live.com

  20. I write shopping lists, to do lists,checks,letters and greeting cards.

  21. I write daily "love" notes to my husband and children so they can always remember how much I care about them throughout their day.

    fbfosterparent at yahoo dot com

  22. a lot of list


  23. I'm always making a list

    ltlbit1@hotmail dot com

  24. I am always writing lists for everything.

  25. I am always writing things to do, scheduling on my calendar. Absolutetly essential for me to stay organized.


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