30 October 2012

Next Time Let's Go to an Island - A Bit of Short Fiction

I am finally taking part in our weekly blog hop! This concludes the adventures of my ongoing blog story (although it may not be the end of Marco and Figaro)! Enjoy and make sure you tune in tomorrow for our weekly writing prompt!

The flash of light blinded Marco for a second, but when he came to, he sighed with relief at vision of their apartment complex.

"Ah, home sweet home."

"Dear Saviour, we're back!" Figaro exclaimed. Marco turned to see Figaro on his back, flailing about like an overturned turtle. Marco reached out his hand and pulled his companion to his feet.

"Think the girls made it back?" Marco asked. He had some concerns over his friend's ability to actually use magic properly.

"Hang on, I'll check Facebook."

Marco watched as Figuro pulled a smartphone from his pocket and tapped furiously into it. He decided not to ask where it came from.

"Ah! See? Becky's status says, 'It's good to be home.' and Brenda..."

Figuro jumped. "Whoops! She may not be in the right spot. She's talking about joining a bullfight later." His shoulder's sagged in disappointment. "Ah, wrong Brenda. Here she is...yup, back home too."

Marco breathed another sigh of relief. "Let's go home, Figaro."

He walked to the entrance of their first floor apartment. Their regular performances as a magician and assistant team afforded them a luxury two bedroom apartment. Yet, they never seemed to stay home long enough to really enjoy He picked up the stack of newspapers on the welcome mat and unlocked the front door.

"Ah, peace and quiet." Marco said as he stepped inside.

"Quiet? I can be as quiet as a mouse!" Figaro said, following closely behind Marco.

Marco rolled his eyes as he shut the front door. "You mean you don't want to sing another verse of that awful song?"

Figuro flopped on the couch and grinned at Marco "Hey, what say I take us to a beach island resort next time?"

And for once, Marco realized, his friend didn't have such a bad idea.

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  1. Haha! This was fun, Nicole. I love how you worked in our modern day connections, smartphone and Facebook, even though they have magic. Love it!


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