12 October 2012

Little Bird - A Fun New App

So these days I have been under a lot of stress and one thing that clears my head and distracts me just a little (in a good way) are games! Especially one that is fun, easy to learn, and slightly addictive (and aren't those the best kind?).

I had the opportunity to review a new iPhone game called, "Little Birds." It reminded me a little of Angry Birds, except this little round angry red bird is rolling through a series of tubes and passageways.

Here take a look at this screenshot I took:

This game is super fun and doesn't require a lot of "figuring it out" time. And I actually snuck played it at work (don't tell).

The trick of this game is you use your cell phone to rock the little bird back and forth and maneuver him through the tubes. You may find yourself literally swaying with him, so just be aware that people may look at you odd while you play it (heh heh).

And if you want to download this cute game, click this link here! It may only be available for iPhone users, but Android-ers, you may want to do a quick hunt for this app to see if you can download this too. In fact, I may have found a link for you here! Right now it looks like its free for everyone (for a limited time), so download this today!
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  1. OMG, don't get me started on those leaning games! :)

    I had to give up on Zombie Highway. It was so addicting, and yes, I'm a leaner. lol

  2. I love to escape into a game world some times. Thanks for pointing this one out.


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