31 October 2012

Ladies, You'll Want to Lock Up Your Husbands After Reading This

I love a good horror story, and I was so excited to read the Widow's Walk League, by Nancy Lynn Jarvis.

The book starts out innocent enough - a Halloween celebration in on my favorite cities in California - Santa Cruz. Everything is going fine until someone dressed up as Death, hands out small cards to passerby's with a date on it. The date is of their death.

But, it's all fun and games, right?

A silly Halloween trick.

Until someone reads that their death is that night. And a few minutes later, they die from a stab wound.

Everyone saw Death that night, but no one can be certain of who the real killer is.

But when real estate agent, Regan McHenry, puts her nose into the middle of the investigation, things get a little more interesting. And suddenly, everyone starts to hold their husbands a little bit closer as many more die one by one.

Nancy's books gives me exactly what I want out of a mystery - a classic whodunit. While at times I had a little difficulty keeping track of character names, it didn't stop me from enjoying the exciting caper she wrote. I also really enjoyed the main character. I love anyone who can't help but put themselves in everyone else's business!

The Widow's Walk League is perfect for Halloween and will make you think twice about dressing up as the Grim Reaper this year.

You can purchase a copy of your book via Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Also, make sure to check out Nancy's website for further details on her publications. You can also read Chapters 1 and 2 for free, so click this link to find out how!

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for having me on your Halloween blog. My husband and I just got home from downtown Santa Cruz. We had to make sure the book is as accurate, and yes, grim reapers were out in force.


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