19 October 2012

Do You Still Need a Halloween Costume?

I am a huge fan of Halloween. HUGE. And I am one of those late holiday shoppers (this holiday included) and I was really happy to find the Costume Supercenter, an online costume shop with really low prices and cheap shipping prices.

Now...what kind of costume did I choose?

Well, it was a toss up. I kind of wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast (see costume below)...

I also thought about being Scrabble...

But not this year...I won't be the smart girl or the nice girl. This year I will be...

Va-va-va voom, people!! How is that?? This year I am going to be a Dark Angel. Mwahahahahaha. I can't wait to get this in the mail! And I will try to post pictures of myself once I do get it!

Okay, so I wasn't just shopping for me. I was also shopping for my brother who doesn't have his costume yet. And I took a gander at the men's costumes and I loved the choices.

At first my brother was sold on the Greg Brady character...

And then I pointed out the Gumby costume (he's 6'3 and would make a kick ass Gumby)...

And then...eureka!! Here's what I bought for my brother to wear on Halloween:

How cool is that?? So, I was so happy with this site. Looking at all these costumes made me wish it was Halloween every day! These photos just scratch the surface, too. But if you like any of the above costumes, click the photo and you'll be redirected to the Costume Super Store's website to purchase it! There IS still time to buy it and this site has a ton of awesome costumes (at very low prices!) to choose from!

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Disclaimer: I received a store gift card in exchange for this honest review.


  1. OMG, Nicole...if you stopped by my house as Gumby, I'd give you the entire contents of my bag of goodies, thank you for the memories, and go to bed!!! lol

    1. Lol!!!! You know, I was wondering if I could pull off trick or treating wearing one of these kinds of costumes! Think I could??? Lol!!

      And you have to tell me if you see Gumby at your door!!! You'll probably freak!!


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