20 September 2012

Show Off Your Book Cover - "A Stop In The Park"

Today I am proud to be part of another cover reveal (part of my latest blog theme, "Show Off Your Book Cover")

And today's cover is the novel, A Stop in the Park by Peggy Panagopoulos Strack.

About the Book:

Michael Stolis, a DC attorney, is frustrated by twelve-hour work days, tightly scheduled weekends, and his family's chaotic habits. He explodes over minor irritations like being stuck in traffic, and his tantrums need to stop. His disillusioned wife, Jamie, is sick of his anger outbursts, and wants him out of her life. Michael longs to reignite the passionate love they once felt for each other. Jamie prefers to spend her time fostering illicit Internet relationships. Michael had simply followed his Greek father's instructions for a successful life, but something went terribly wrong. When his family is about to implode, Michael finds hope through Rufus, an astute retired bus driver he meets over a game of blitz chess in Dupont Circle. Michael is intrigued by Rufus's prescription for fulfillment, but is it too late to change a life, chase a dream, revive a marriage? Michael must decide how much he is prepared to lose if he embarks on a quest so very different from the world he created. Touching, romantic, and deeply provocative, A Stop in the Park, follows the story of a man and a woman who yearn to escape the trap of the modern American dream.

I have to say that this definitely caught my attention! And now for a little sample:

Michael stepped inside the dingy space and pulled a string to turn on the ceiling light. His old guitar case welcomed him. A sense of calm flooded his insides. Like a boy who spotted a tire swing dangling from a tree near a river, the instrument summoned him to play. Michael folded his arms. What if someone heard him? He chuckled. The clamor of his household would drown out a herd of elephants parading through the street. No one would detect the humming of a guitar in this hideaway. So, he pulled it out of the case, sat with his back propped against the cold concrete wall, legs outstretched, and played and sang. After several minutes of plucking and strumming, his stress receded.

About the Author:

Peggy Strack hosts the award winning blog, "Kick Back Moments," for the Saratogian Newspaper. She is a speech-language pathologist living in Saratoga Springs, NY with her husband, Keith. She has two adults sons and enjoys an active lifestyle that includes hiking, kayaking, and skiing.

Make sure you check out Peggy's novel! I think it sounds fantastic. Click here to check out her website and this for her Facebook page.

The novel comes out today and you can purchase it by going to this link here!

Plus, ten percent of all profits will be donated to The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, an organization whose mission is to keep music alive in schools.

Thank you Peggy for sharing this awesome read with us!

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