Maybe It's A Dream Sequence? - A Bit of Short Fiction

September 4, 2012
This is my response to last week's writing prompt! It's also a part of an ongoing blog story I created, so make sure to read what happened last time to catch up.

Brittney blinked a few times. When her eyes cleared up, she realized she was at the end of a street. The street that led to their cabin. She wore the clothes she had on before she disappeared. She had on the necklace she got for her 18th birthday and never took off. She checked her wrist and found the turtle shaped tattoo she got for her 21st. Now, she wondered how long she had been gone, because the snow had cleared away. But the cold bit through her clothes and she shivered in response. She just hoped her friends were still there.

She started walking in the direction of the cabin. For a while, her feet were the only sound on the still street. After a few yards, she heard the distant rumble of a car engine. An old car engine. The sound of Lance's busted Ford truck.

"What are you doing out here?" Lance called out from the truck.

Brittney turned and felt more joy and relief to see him than she ever cared to admit. She had to remind herself of his usual zoo animal like behavior, so she didn't get too relieved to see him.

He stopped the truck and hopped out. He rubbed his head. A sign he felt guilty about something.

"Listen it was just a joke we pulled on you back in the house. I didn't think you'd be on freak out mode for the whole week."

Brittney shrugged. She raised her hand to cover her eyes from the sun. "Where are the others?"

He hopped back onto his truck and reached over to open the passenger side. "Been lookin' for you!"

Brittney headed for the truck and stepped into the passenger side. She wasn't sure where to begin to explain her absence. Maybe it didn't even happen at all. Maybe it was just a freak dream sequence. The kind you read in a book and the writer ends up concluding this huge elaborate plot line as being just a dream.

"Oh, I have your cell phone. It's on the dash."

Brittney buckled her seatbelt and reached over to get her cell phone. Aside from a few random text messages and missed phone calls, everything seemed usual. Except for a Facebook friend request.

From a woman named Brenda. Brittney accepted and decided to shelve the dream sequence idea for a bit.

She couldn't help but wonder though...what the hell happened to Figuro and his assistant?

"Were gonna fix you up with some tonic and gin when we get back," Lance said as he turned the truck around. "That'll loosen your tongue a bit so you can explain where the hell you went all day."


  1. Interesting and well written b/c you've spiked my curiosity.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. If I were her, I would be happy about Brenda (obviously she got home if she Friend Requested) and praying she never saw those two strange ones. :P

  3. It's a nice way to write a scene, even though there's so much more to the story. And the scene makes me want to know more about them. Good job.


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