10 September 2012

Just Trust Me, Please - A Bit of Short Fiction

Alright, so if you recall, many, many weeks ago, I introduced you to a new blog story. And it has taken so wonderfully and I'm sad to see it end.

And the awesome thing is, I do get to write the end!

But before you read on, make sure you know what happened last time:

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Part Two: Shall I Turn On The Lights

Part Three: The Estate

Part Four: You'll Know It When You See It

Part Five: Message, Hold The Bottle

Part Six: Secret Letter

Part Seven: The Truth

Part Eight: The Secret of Time Travel

Part Nine: Broken Threads

Once you are all caught up, you can continue on...


Freddy handed her the snow globe without another word. Gnat held it in her hands for only a few seconds, before she held her breath and smashed it to the ground.

An explosion of light blinded her.

Freddy's face twisted with rage and pain. The older Naomi, the one she may become, cried in agony. Gnat couldn't feel any pain at all.

The light surrounded her. Warmed her. Whispered voices hushed her. Calmed her. The chops around her, just background. It wasn't reality. Just noise. Reality was quiet. Silence.



"...hush, hush, Naomi. It's a bad dream. Just a bad dream."

Naomi blinked open her eyes. Slowly. It couldn't be real.

The soft brown eyes of her mother looked concerned. She sat on the edge of Naomi's bed with her old house coat on, the one Naomi insisted she replace. She smelled of baby powder and coffee. Naomi stifled a sob. She threw her arms over her mother.

"It's okay, it's okay. It was just a dream."

"You're here..." Naomi whispered, barely able to hold back the tears.

"Of course, I am. Where else would I be?"

The fire. Naomi realized this was the day of the fire. A flood of memories rushed forward - the time travel. The smashed snow globe. And Tyler, both young and old.

Naomi thought of a quick lie. One to get her parents out of the house. "Could we go to the park today? All of us?"

Naomi's mother brushed back her hair. "Maybe, sweetie. I have some things to get done."

"No! You can't. Please." Naomi heard herself begging. She hated to, but it was the only way.

"What's so important that we must go to the park today?" Her mother searched her eyes. Naomi knew the answers. But couldn't reveal them.

"Just trust me, please."


The park was beautiful. The sun was bright in contrast to the blue sky. Children screeched and played on the elaborate park structures. Game of chase, tag, and invented games played out before Naomi. She sat with her parents on the park bench. She chewed the last bit of sandwich her mother had packed.

"Noami, look! There's your friend, Tyler!"

Naomi gasped. She stood from the bench. She peered past the children that raced in front of her. Between the swing sets, there he was. The Tyler she knew all along.

She walked towards him. He smiled. When she got closer, it seemed like the world stopped. He was beautiful. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"It worked." She said.

"It worked." He repeated, a laugh in his voice.

"So you really can change the past."

He shrugged. "For now anyway."

The sound of a siren interrupted their peace. A fire engine screamed down the street. It was then that Naomi noticed the smokey air. It got worse by the second as the smell of soot and fire burned Naomi's nose.

"What happens now?" Naomi asked. She heard her parents call for her. An emergency they said. The house was on fire.

"I don't know. We'll have to see. What can I call you, by the way?"

"Naomi. You can call me Naomi." She turned to look for her parents. As she walked away, she looked back on last time. "Hey! Want to do math homework with me later?"

Naomi could hear Tyler laughing all the way across the park.


  1. Good Ending Nicole. I liked it :-)

  2. :) Kind of what I had in mind ... and kind of not - which is why this collaboration is so cool. I love how you were able to tie it all together. I hope they learned their lessons.

  3. Yes. Excellent ending.

    Hugs and chocolate,



  4. Great writing! I just joined this writers Wednesday blog hop and think I will really enjoy it. I am following your blog and hope you enjoy ours as well.


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