14 September 2012

Join Me At The Muse Online Writers Conference?

So, in my fit of looking for online workshops I could take part in, I found this online conference going on between October 9th and 12th!

My novel is nowhere near to being ready for submission, but my main interest are the online workshops they have available!

And guess what?

They are free! And I like free.

Their workshops appeal to everyone, from the person at the query letter stage to the person facing the blank page. The one I'm interested in the most is:

Writing 101 with Mary Andrews

This will cover a lot of the writing basics, and one I need help with the most - self editing.

This appeals to me even more because she is a science fiction writer as well.

Also another one you might consider if you want to go, is this course:

How to Hook an Editor in 500 Words or Less with Lynnette Labelle

You can also send her your first 500 words for a critique. How cool is that?

So, the conference runs from October 9th through 12th. It's all online, too!

If you happen to bump into me in this virtual world, you will find me under the username: seasaltsoap (I hate thinking up user names).

Here's the info:

Online Workshops

Where to Register


  1. Hmm ... I like a lot of those, actually. Thanks for finding this stuff,as usual. :) Now to find a babysitter ...

  2. These look pretty cool. I'll have to investigate further. Thanks for finding and sharing :)

  3. Bookmarking!!!

    I'm with you Nicole. Free is good. I've been so busy lately I haven't had the time to work on my WIP. Huge project at work. I will carve out some time for a free workshop though.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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