You Sound Like a Dying Peacock When You Sing - A Bit of Short Fiction

July 3, 2012

This is an ongoing blog story. Click this link to read what happened last time.

"Shit," Marco said. He revved his engine in the midst of the traffic. He honked his horn. But the car in front of him didn't budge.

Marco looked in the backseat through the rear view mirror. The blank eyes of the plastic dolls stared back at him. He knew better though.

"You're in deep trouble, you know that?"

The doll on the right didn't say anything back to him. Just stared blankly ahead as Marco nudged the car ahead in heavy traffic.

"I can't believe you would do this to me. You'll have to be the one to explain this to them you know?" Marco swore under his breath again. Weekend traffic would be the end of him. He would never get to the house in time.

A rustling in the back told him that Figaro had turned himself back. The little weasel chuckled.

"Aw, come on Marco. Have a bit more fun on occasion, huh?"

Marco's lifelong friend and talented magician Figaro had done it again. His latest trick had sent back two random strangers back ten years. Now just like any other time, Marco had to fix it.

"Zip your lip, Figaro." Marco said. Now he wished Figaro would change back to his doll form. "Those false teeth of yours might fall out with all your jabberin'."

Figaro chuckled again. "Hey, I like this girl you brought into the car with me. Is she a real or a fake?"

Marco rolled his eyes. "She's fake."

"Aw shucks." Marco heard the sounds of unbuckling in the back seat. He jumped the backseat and flopped beside Marco. "Hey let's sing a hymn."

Marco kept his eyes on the traffic. "You know a hymn?" This Marco had to hear. Of all things he knew Figaro to be, religious wasn't one of them.

"Sure, sure..." Suddenly, Figaro started belting out a nonsensical tune and Marco elbowed him in the side.

Figaro gagged as if he was chocking, while Marco chuckled quietly. "You sound like a dying peacock when you sing Figaro."

When Figaro recovered, he buckled himself in the front seat and asked, "Where did you find where these girl's addresses were?" 

Marco looked in the rear view mirror to check the traffic behind him. "Your computer." 

Figaro swore. "Damn, I got to get better at hiding my shi--"

"Hey! Figaro! Look! The traffic is clearing up!" Marco revved the engine and pressed the gas peddle. They would be there in no time and soon Marco could fix the mess Figaro started. 

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  1. Ha! That's a great way to incorporate the photo. :)

  2. Haha, cute idea, magician friend up to his usual tricks and getting his best friend to bail him out. Some friends are inseperable no matter how much mischief one gets into.

    1. No kidding right?? That's what friends do! ;)

  3. I love to see how each of us used "peacock" in our stories... I mean, it's just a cruel word to have in there. ;) Good job on your story!

    1. Me too!! I thought false teeth was the worst! Peacock was up there but I had, "colorful as a peacock feathers" ready if I couldn't think of any! :)

  4. You did an awesome job on this one, as usual :-P

    I did notice 2 things about the "layout" of this post:
    1) overlapping at the top (words on top of each other)
    2) section of one paragraph has white background

  5. Great job on the story, like any of us should be surprised ;-P

    Did notice 2 things about layout though:
    1) Overlapping of words at the top (cutting into each other)
    2) Section of one paragraph has some words in a white background

  6. You know? I caught that too! I have no idea why it does that! It must have something to do with my formatting, I'm just not sure why!


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