20 July 2012

Winner to "Do You Have a Question To Stump Google?" - July Question

So I'm finally playing catch up on everything and a few weeks ago I posted a new question to my latest theme, "Do you have a question Google can't answer?"

To remind everyone, this was the question (and here is the original post):

Near where I grew up (Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA), there are several houses that have the same statues on their lawns. The statues are of a boy/man in a sombrero with a donkey. I grew up in the 80s - when they had weird Colombian Coffee commercials with Juan Valdez and a donkey appearing everywhere. So I asked my mom, "Why do they have Juan Valdez on their lawn?" She never knew. So, here we are 30 years later, and all of those houses still have those same statues.
I just want to know what is the deal with that? Does it mean something?

And I am so proud to say that we have an answer, as approved by our asker, Dee Murter...and here is the answer to the question:

And if you go to the link, here is a photo that describes what Dee is talking about -

Although this does raise more questions than answers for Dee, but I do hope this is a start of a more clear journey for her to find the rest of her newly arisen questions.

Soooo...that means that the person who answered this question - MadeInUSA gets her choice of prizes, which includes a choice of e-book (I give her the list of e-books I have), or a month of advertising anything of her choice. 

So if you have a question that you haven't been able to get answered by Google (and this can be anything), make sure to send me an email and we can see if my readers can find the answer for you. 


  1. Yay! I've never seen or heard of these statues but the question had me wondering, too.

  2. Unusual tradition, but it is kind of cute. Interesting!

  3. So interesting and I'm sending you a question that Google hasn't been able to answer for me.

  4. I am sorry I missed the original post on this (I was away) - Sounds like fun and a great way to learn some interesting facts! Never knew about statues on the lawn!

  5. I was just sitting here having a conversation with Google about its family. I asked it what its grandmother's name was? And it replied that it didn't know. I'm not sure but I think I just stumped Google. It may not have been a world-changing question but I win!


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