10 July 2012

Why You Should Never "Loan" Me Books

So, I meant to do the 30 Day Reflection Challenge everyday, but last week was a bit stressful, so here I am to do the few days I missed all in one post. As a reminder, I've joined the blog Pretty Random Thing's 30 Days of Reflection.

And here is what I missed!

A Picture of a Photo in Your Room

Photo of Me and My Two Brothers as Babies. I'm in the middle!

This is actually part of a collage that my mom made! It's a photo of me and my two older brothers as babies and I'm in the middle. And yes, I'm eating cake for the first time. Hee hee...

A Photo of Something Green

The ironic thing about this is that I really didn't know what to choose for this photo. I thought about my green Tigger sweatshirt, but it needed to be washed, so that was out. And I really don't have a lot of green around my room that has significance. I did have a green ring that my mom gave me, but I lost it...and then I looked out the window:

The view outside my window

This is the apartment complex I live and this is my view. Isn't it incredible? Ahh the green of Oregon. This photo doesn't nearly do justice of the amount of green that I see on a regular basis and for that I am so grateful.

A Photo of Something You Borrowed From Someone Else

This book - The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks - is one I borrowed from a friend of mine in high school. This is also an example of why it's a very bad idea to loan me books. I think she gave this to me when I was 18 and I'm 25 now. The likelihood of my friend getting this back is slim to none. (Sorry Leticia)

A Photo of Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry

I have had this ring (the one in the middle) since graduating high school which is a record for me since I have a terrible habit of losing jewelry. It's my birthstone and it would be even cooler if I hadn't managed to lose the other jewel in the ring. 

Have you ever "borrowed" a book from a friend and never returned it? Which book was it? Was it worth keeping?


  1. I haven't borrowed a book but I did borrow a pair of tongs. They fell apart a couple of months ago. I borrowed them in 1998 from a used to be neighbor. I've since moved like 5 counties away.

    1. All because of a pair of tongs? :P

    2. You GO Shelly! You move several miles away to avoid returning them to tongs. I'm in a different state than the person I loaned that book from. Heh heh. They sure ain't getting them back now.

  2. I can't say that I have ever borrowed a book I didn't return, or the Library would charge me! The few books I have borrowed from friends have also been returned, although I can't say the opposite is true. I have lost some books along the way.

    Now that I mostly use an e-reader, losing lent books is no longer an issue :)

    I did once borrow some sort of exercise cable that attached to a door knob to rehabilitate a shoulder injury. That person never saw it again, and I don't have it any longer. But it they asked for it, I would replace it. Really.

    Enjoying the pictures.


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