Why Is There A Tree In The Bathroom?

July 1, 2012

There is a purpose to the photo I promise.

First, I decided to join Leisl at Pretty Random Things blog and her 30 day photo challenge! (I know, as if I have enough to do. On another note, I start Chapter 5 next week and I figured a character for my newest writing project!)

So, back to the photo.

For Day 1 of the challenge, we are supposed to take a photo of the last place we visited. No, I 'm not being a total smart ass.

Because when I did an update on my phone a few weeks ago, ALL PHOTOS WERE ERASED. So, I have no evidence of my last trip except for this photo. And that is only because I wanted to share this with the awesome people on GooglePlus because of how funny this bathroom was. (I'm not a big "photo sharer" on sites like Facebook and stuff.)

Where was I? Bay Area of California (where I grew up).  I visited last year and it was fun. It's weird going back to a place that you once called home, but don't anymore.

So, the only evidence of that trip is this photo.

And I happened upon this bathroom in a local grocery store that we stopped in and when we came into the store, my mom and I had to use the bathroom. We both went in thinking it would be a standard 3 stall bathroom and there it was. The tree and the toilet. I decided to wait outside for my mom, so she could go first, but before I left I snapped this photo. We both died laughing because we were NOT expecting this at all!

Why the tree in the bathroom? I asked on GooglePlus and I liked one person's comment the best that this is probably for your pet to use the bathroom with you. Hee hee.

Other than this reasoning, I have no idea why they put the tree in there. This bathroom obviously isn't decorated nicely. It looks like hell in that bathroom.

Anyways, this is the last trip I took! And by the way, on an entirely different note, if you just stumbled upon this post, make sure to check back to the earlier post today, because I have a new monthly challenge to propose to my readers called, "Do you have a question Google can't answer?"

So tell me...why do YOU think the tree is in the bathroom? What was the last trip you took?  


  1. I'm going to assume it's real and it gets natural light. With that being the case, it could be because trees absorb gases and produce sweet smelling oxygen. If it's fake ... maybe so you can feel a bit like camping?

    1. Ha ha ha!! I think it was fake! Most definitely a camping thing. *shudder* I wonder if they added one of those faux fire stands in the bathroom too. Kind of add to the ambiance.

  2. I assumed it was there in case the plumbing was backed up and you couldn't use the toilet. :-P

  3. LOL That just looks totally bizarre! I'm so happy you're doing this photo challenge with me! Your last visited place is obviously more interesting than mine...

    Liesl xxx


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