31 July 2012

What are you doing outside? - A Bit of Short Fiction

This is an ongoing blog story. Make sure to click this link to read what happened last time!

When Brenda's eyes adjusted to the natural light of the sun, she realized where Figuro had taken her.

She was home. She recognized the beginning of the neighborhood where her and her husband lived. Just a few blocks ahead she would find her own home - the fixer upper where all of this began. She wondered if her husband knew if she was even gone and that she had gone missing for more than a few hours.

She looked down and found she wore the normal clothes from before instead of the ridiculous cartoon character night gown she had on earlier. She started walking and past the one story houses that seemed almost counterfeit or fake in terms of everything else she had seen.

A black bird heckled her as she walked towards her home. a car drove past her and Brenda jumped. She turned to find that it wasn't Figuro and his assistant Marco. It wasn't Brittney either. It was a neighbor that pulled into a house and promptly ignored her.

In a few minutes, she reached the front door step. She tried the door handle and discovered it locked. She knocked and heard the shuffling of feet. When the door opened, she saw it was her husband, who stood their in sweats and bare feet with a smear of dust across his face. Brenda's heart leaped as a rush of love and devotion filled her. She realized how worried she had been this whole time that she may never see him again. She resisted the urge to pull him into a long embrace. She didn't want anymore questions.

"Babe, what are you doing outside? I thought you were upstairs."

Brenda took a breath. "I was..I...I...I was going into the garage. I thought I left those big scissors in there. And locked myself out."

Still maintaining his confused face, her husband stepped back and Brenda entered with a smile and a shrug. She made a mental note to greet him properly later on that night.

"Is the computer ready?" She asked.

He scratched his head and shut the front door. "Yah. Ready to go...did you need help upstairs or something?"

"No!" Brenda thought of the mysterious staircase. "That's okay. Maybe start on unpacking the heavier boxes by the front door?"

"Sure, sure." He busied himself with emptying the boxes as Brenda made her way to their office.

She wondered if she might find Brittney online. Maybe on Facebook, a fad that Brenda had just joined in a few months ago. She sat down on the chair and logged on. She went to the search bar and typed in Brittney's' full name and found...

Oh you know I had to do a cliff hanger! This is part of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop, and if you want to join in, make sure to stop by tomorrow morning to catch this week's writing prompt!

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  1. A cliffhanger, huh? Or did you just run out of your 500 words? ;)

  2. That right just keep us hanging why don't you... Leave us in suspense to wonder whether or not Brenda is truly home or not :-P Can't wait till next time to find out what happens.

  3. Well that used the wrong profile Grrrr :-( (Tena Carr - Life Happens)


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