17 July 2012

Well This Is Creepy - A Bit of Short Fiction

This is an ongoing story! Click here to read what happened last time!

"So, you're telling us that just because you decided to fool around with some stupid clock, you managed to send us both back ten years?" Brenda was having a hard time believing any of this. But then again she was ten years younger and stuck in a place she wasn't in just a few hours before.

Figuro wrung his hands. "Exactly."

"So, why us?" Becky asked. "And what's with the creepy voice?"

Figuro gave them a smile."Creates an atmosphere?"

"Mom and Dad won't like you bringing in strangers." Becky's younger brother asked. He stood in the doorway of the living room. 

"Go play outside." Becky told him.

"I'm sick of playing outside." Her younger brother told her.

"I'll play outside with you!" Figuro jumped from the couch and rolled up his sleeves.

"Sit down!" Brenda demanded. Both Figuro and Marco jumped at the sound of her voice. Figuro sat down without saying another word. "Go play outside, now!" Brenda demanded to Becky's younger brother. His eyes widened with shock and he sulked out of the room, towards the backyard. As he left the room, Brenda heard him mutter something how he could probably fall into a gutter without anyone caring. Brenda ignored him as she turned back to the two on the couch.

"Now that we have that settled," A smile appeared on her face. "How will you get us back?"

"A song!" Figuro asked. "Hark the Herald Angel sing!" Figuro started and Marco elbowed him in the side. "Ouch, I'm kidding, of course."

Figuro fished out something from his pocket. It was a small gold pocket watch. "Well, I just have to say a few words and you will both be back in your respective times. But first, both of you look North."

Becky and Brenda glanced at each other and stared back at Figuro.

"I mean, look up to the sky."

They shrugged and looked up at the ceiling of the living room.

Figuro clapped his hands and made some whooshing noises. "And then there two!" He clapped his hands again and there was a bright flash.

The room disappeared and for a moment Brenda thought she would appear back in her attic with her husband waiting for her downstairs. Instead, when she opened her eyes, the four of them were sitting in a yard in front of a crumbling house.

"Well, this is creepy." Figuro said.

"What did you do, Figuro?" Marco demanded. Brenda had a sudden fear she may never see her true time again.

"I'm not sure. Maybe someone in this quaint little house can give us a hand." Figuro jumped up from his seated position and went to the front door. He knocked on the door until he noticed the padlock on the front. "Looks like no one is home."

"How about we try this again?" Becky asked.

"Alright. Look up." Figuro instructed.

Becky looked up and heard the magic words. There was a bright flash again, and when she opened her eyes...

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  1. You're liking this time travel theme lately. ;)

    I'm starting to see the lure of a continued story, though. You don't actually have to finish it in 500 words. I can't wait to find out where Figuro has taken them this time.

    1. I do love this theme! No idea why though. :)

      Yes! It's a wonderful way to extend the story, although it may be considered cheating. :)

  2. "Well this is creepy."

    What a great line of dialog. It's what got me to click on the link. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I don't think I could ever trust a man named Figuro to safely return me to any point in time! LOL

    Fun piece.


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