Stump Google August Question - Any Fans of Pip The Penguin?

July 23, 2012

We have a new question! To remind everyone what I mean by "Stump Google," it's all about those questions that we can never seen to have answers for. We search for it, search for it, search for it and we can never find the answer. Obviously, it isn't Google's fault. But this happens to be the search engine I use, so that's why I came up with, "Stump Google."

I also made a fancy new button:

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Last month I posted a question that was actually answered by my readers! I was so proud! This means that the winner gets a choice of an e-book (which I own, but I am giving away), or a month of free advertising in August (any advertising of their choice). Here's the nitty gritty details, though, on what you win if you get the answer!

So I have a new question for you and whoever answers the question first wins advertising on my blog for the whole month of September.  Or, if advertising doesn't appeal to you, I will give you a list of e-books that I have bought that I am open to giving away. Maybe one day at a later time there will be a cash prize or a gift card or something,, I want a job first before I promise money.

Sorry for the big build up!

Here is the question being asked by Marina over at the blog Made By Me -

Well, when I was a little kid, there was this kiddy show about animals living on an island. I just can't remember much about it. There was a dragon or dinosaur or something, he was the main character. I also remember that the penguin was called Pip, because I named one of my stuffed animals after him. Finding this show has no real value, except to satisfy my curiosity :-p Whenever I search for 'Pip' and 'penguin', I come across a movie that I also watched as a kid, Pim de pinguin (I'm dutch, by the way, and in english it's The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin). That's not the show I'm looking for. It's been driving me nuts for years now, whenever I think about it.

Do you know the answer to the question? Let me know in the comments and I will follow up with Marina on whether you have the right answer. Remember, the correct answer is determined by the asker, not by me. 

If you have something  you have searched for that has "stumped" Google, click here to find out how you can get your answer through the help of my readers!


  1. Okay, here is my guess. There is a penguin in this named James, not Pip, but it has the dragon as a main character and showed over in Germany (I'm guessing in Holland as well). The show is called Tabaluga.

    1. Just checked with the asker! That doesn't seem to be it. :)

    2. Darn. I asked Kris if he might know as he grew up in the same general area and he can't think of an answer, either.

  2. I love the button. Sorry I don't have an answer.

  3. Wish I could answer this...

    I'm passing on to you the Liebster award. You can get it here:

  4. That question totally rings a bell, but alas, I can't come up with the answer either. Stumping Google ... now that's a cool idea! :)

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