14 July 2012

It's Chocolate Time People

Taken by Me, With My Phone, Before Devoured

You know the type of chocolate you can eat whether you are hungry or not? The type of chocolate you could literally get sick on because you've eaten too much?
Then this is the chocolate for you.

I'm not sure if you can see that picture above, but that's me holding up the most amazing chocolate in the whole world.
It's called B.T. McElrath's Chocolate - Salty Dog Chocolate Bar. Here's a better photograph of it from their website:

I discovered it one day when I was walking around Whole Foods (no I shouldn't be shopping there because of it's cost, but how can I resist their chocolate section?).  It was on the most obscure corner too. Hidden away by the big bold brands everyone else buys.
Immediately I was enamored.
This is the first time I've had the combination of salt with dark chocolate but goodness just thinking about this makes my mouth water.  And I decided on a total random fluke to write a post about this.
Chocolate is up there with writing, books, coffee, and good red wine. Those are experiences. This chocolate is an experience.
First of all the salt is lined on the bottom and it's just enough to enhance the flavor. The chocolate is dark (70%) and does not have the usual EEEK bitter taste that dark chocolate does. The second you put it in your mouth your taste buds activate and you get that surge of "ohhh that is good stuff" feeling you can only get from chocolate.
This is a chocolate you will want to buy. I wish I could say I had some to give away to you, but I don't. Seriously this post was written on my own accord.
However I wouldn't mind getting this chocolate to review for my blog.
Heh heh.
Make sure you check out their website for more chocolate-y goodness! And check out this link to find out where to buy some in your area!
What is your guilty pleasure? What chocolate or candy leaves you wanting more? 


  1. A Whole Foods will soon be opening close by to me. After reading this, I can't wait to visit their chocolate section

  2. I love dark chocolate with salt. But the only favourite bar I've ever looked for at the store is a peanut & salt milk chocolate by green mountain. I got hooked on it last NaNoWriMo but sadly it is now hard to find near me.

    I'm afraid to try Salty Dog because it sounds very addicting!

  3. I love Newman's Own Organic chocolate. That's my happy moment.

    Since you love chocolate, have you been to Cacao? Apparently it is the place to go in Portland for chocolate. Heck, the whole US. They said so on the cooking channel.


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