Calling All Current or Former Philadelphians -- Can You Help Answer This Question?

July 9, 2012

I am proud to present to you my first installment of "Do You Have a Question Google Can't Answer?" Or otherwise known as "Stump Google."

Dee Murter sent me this question and I will provide you word for word the question she posed to me and my readers  -

Near where I grew up (Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA), there are several houses that have the same statues on their lawns. The statues are of a boy/man in a sombrero with a donkey. I grew up in the 80s - when they had weird Colombian Coffee commercials with Juan Valdez and a donkey appearing everywhere. So I asked my mom, "Why do they have Juan Valdez on their lawn?" She never knew. So, here we are 30 years later, and all of those houses still have those same statues.
I just want to know what is the deal with that? Does it mean something?

And in case you were curious about the commercial she is referring to, here's an example:

Now, what's in it for you if you happen to know the answer?

First, you have your choice of the following:

- Ad Spot on my Blog (see the right side bar where it says, "Blog Ad Contest Winner") and I can make you a blog button or ad if you don't have one.
- If you don't have a blog, or you want to consider an alternative prize - I can promote a Twitter account with a follow link, a Facebook page, a product you are selling, an Etsy account, etc. Pretty much anything I can help you promote with some type of ad or link on my blog.
- If you aren't interested in winning anything promotional - I might have something else up my sleeve if you aren't interested in the promotional prizes. I have a couple of writing e-books I am willing to giveaway as well.

Now, back to Dee's question -

If you happen to know the answer to her question, make sure to let me (us) know in the comments. I'll ask Dee to follow up on any comments with any questions or possible answers to her question, so feel free to keep coming back if you think you have found the answer. You don't have to have a blog to participate!

UPDATE: I am proud to say that this question has been answered. Follow up on the answer details here!

Do you have a question that has stumped Google? Send me an email with the details and I will help you get this question answered. Click here for details!

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