03 July 2012

A Book to Read For Cell Phone Users Anywhere

You're looking at this blog post on your cell aren't you?
I admit. I am annoyingly attached to my cell phone a lot of the time throughout the day. I'm the type of person that if for some reason my cell phone was lost, I am too. Because I am where my cell phone is.

That's awful, I know it. I've often thought of getting rid of it.

But obviously that won't happen.  And now that we're back in reality, let's face the act that our cell phones have provided some fascinating, funny, and embarrassing stories for us all. Like the time I was calling a friend of mine and suddenly I panicked because I didn't know where my phone was. I looked for ten minutes before I realized I was talking on my phone.

Yesterday I posted about Judy Reiser's book Admit It, You're Crazy! and today I am posting about her second book, In A Cell Phone Minute. 

Judy Reiser does it again with this pocket read and provides wonderful insight into the lives of cell phone users everywhere. With stories of bizarre, touching, and funny situations from cell phone users everywhere, Judy connects us all from the dog-at-my-cell-phone story to text message post cards.

I loved this and I hope that Judy Reiser writes another one of these. This is another book that  enjoyed reading on my cell phone's e-reader app (ironic, I know). You will not be disappointed to buy these books, I promise.

Find out more about Judy Reiser and her books through her webpage, Twitter, Facebook and buy her books via Amazon.

Do you have any quirky or crazy cell phone stories? How has your cell phone helped/hurt/changed/inspired your life? 


  1. I had a smartphone and downgraded to a regular one. I didn't really need mini Excel and Word and Outlook on my phone.

    1. Mines becoming part of my life now for sure! My preciousssssssss.heeheehee...


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