08 June 2012

[Product Review] Remindeo - Never Forget Again

225/365 Reminders

Ah the virtual rubber band on the wrist. The thread tied around the pinky. The crumbled up piece of paper somewhere in your purse about that thing you keep meaning to do.

I received an offer to review the virtual reminding system called, "Remindeo" and I really enjoyed it. As I've done before, here is the pros and cons of the software as I used it, and I followed up the review with the overall feeling on whether you should give it a try.


Easy to learn

If you hate the learning curve while trying anything new, you will be pleasantly surprised at Remindeo. After signing up for the software, and adding your email address, you are prompted for setting up your first reminder. If you want a reminder to appear on a certain day, you set up for a one time reminder. If you want it for every week, you set up a weekly reminder. And so on.

There are a very few ways to over complicate Remindeo and I really appreciated this.

Their Calendar Layout

I received a complimentary pro account, but even their free account has perks. You have the same basic functions with the free account. The only difference with having the pro account is that you can send email reminders to up to 20 people, no advertisements in the email, you can download your notes to excel and word, and you receive a free email about your week ahead (rather than having to log in). The pro account only costs $12.00 per year which is a fantastic deal.

No text message reminders for United States users

My overall feeling about Remindeo is to give it a try. I look forward to added features and I really hope that they are able to add a text feature for United States residents. Once that gets integrated it will be a major plus for me and I will be a faithful user.
Click here to find out more information about Remindeo and sign up for your free account!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Remindeo pro account as courtesy of writing this review.
The only way for me to get reminders was via email. And while I still enjoyed getting the reminders and access to their mobile page especially helped the ease of use, I was a little disappointed I couldn't get reminders through text messages. For some reason they couldn't do that for a US user. I receive so much email throughout the day that my main concern that the email reminders would get lost in my inbox.
But to be honest it never really did. I did catch the reminders as they came in and they really were helpful to keep me on track.

Overall - Give it a Try!
When you log into Remindeo and you click the "Calendar/Planner" sticky note you are taken to a screen that gives you a monthly layout of the reminder you have set up. Because I'm big on the "one time" reminders, I appreciate this a lot. Especially because it gives me an idea of what I can expect for the week and what I need to plan for.

Low Cost



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  2. I appreciate this a lot. Especially because it gives me an idea of what I can expect for the week and what I need to plan for.Consumerism Inc.


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