24 June 2012

Lucky 7 - Tagged Again!

I am so So, as you all know I have been working VERY hard on my rewrite. I am on chapter four and it's actually going really well.  And in case you were wondering, it's taking me longer than what's normal because the first draft is handwritten.

Yes I hand wrote a novel. Don't judge.

So, I was tagged for the Lucky 7 Challenge by blogger and writer Tom Quigley and I'm so excited to share page 7 of my manuscript with you!


Bruck looked over his shoulder as he put one of the discarded meats into the wooden cart. "Where are you off to anyways?"
"Flowers," Talia pointed towards the field. She walked onward as Bruck finished his task.
As Talia got closer, she picked up a basket she discarded a few days ago. She looked behind her again, beyond the inn. She felt watched again and thought she heard the same noise from before. She looked to see if one of the rude town boys waited to play a trick of some kind, but other than Bruck, the area behind the town was empty. She walked deeper into the field where the wild flowers grew up to her hip. Talia was pretty tall and she thought their height to be impressive. She figured the TreeSpeaker's Forest close to the field caused this somehow. She knew her mother used to be a TreeSpeaker, but she never cared to venture inside the place. Yet, too often Talia heard she should run into the forest if she was ever in trouble while out in the field. The forest was no place to wander or play, but her mother assured her the TreeSpeaker's helped anyone in trouble.
"Don't stay out here too long, Talia." Bruck called out. Talia heard the rattle of the wooden wagon as her brother walked back towards the inn. 

So, there we have it! 
I'm taking easy route and not tagging anyone officially...but rather...I am tagging EVERYBODY that is working on a novel right now to take on this challenge. I want to see what you have so far!
Here are the rules:
  • Go to page 7,  77  or even Chapter 7 of your current WIP MS
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating!
  • Tag 7 authors and invite them to take part.

Okay everyone, let's see what you come up with!


  1. Please don't tag me but I have to say that writing a whole manuscript by hand sounds like a real amazing feat! Is that judging? LOL

    1. No that isn't judging!! :)

      I'm amazed I did it too. I'm not even too sure I'll do it again, though. It's a lot of work!

  2. How about a MS I finished about five days ago? It hasn't been edited yet - I'm holding off for a month in order to look at it with fresh eyes - so please be gentle. :-P

    I looked around as the world grew lighter. Thin smoke curled at my feet and it felt like I was walking on wet marble. The showers in the locker room had nothing on this, even the time we waxed them so Coach Jenkins would bust his fat ass walking to his office. Despite their feel, I didn't have much trouble strolling across the ground.
    A thought popped into my head. "I know I'm dead, but I still feel my heart and hear my breath. If I'm dead, why are those things still around?"
    "Your mind is struggling to hold onto the familiar so it can make some sense of what's going on.

    1. Oh I like this a lot!!! It drew me immediately!!

  3. I like it. :) The TreeSpeakers intrigue me. What a great idea. Go Chapter 4!

    1. Here's my 7. :)



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