19 June 2012

How Did You Get Here? - A Bit of Short Fiction

This is an ongoing blog story. Read the complete story clicking this link!

"Becky! Time for dinner! And your grandmother is here! Come say hi!"

The young girl jumped off the chair. "Wait here..."

Brenda watched as the young girl left the attic. She sat down at the chair by the desk and rubbed her arms.

"How the hell did this happen?" Brenda muttered.

"Who are you?" Brenda jumped at the sharp male voice. She turned to face him and noticed Becky right behind him. She squeezed through the door way and stepped in front of the man.

"Dad...dad..this is...this is..." The young girl looked to Brenda with desperate eyes.

"Brenda." She replied.

"She's here...because...because..."  The young girl glanced at Brenda again.

"I heard you had a babysitting gig."

The young girl named Becky gave Brenda an "is that the best you got" look and nodded to the man in the doorway. "Yah, Dad. Babysitting."

"Babysitting?" Brenda heard the disbelief in his voice. She couldn't blame him. She was standing in their attic with her nightgown on.


The man chuckled and shook his head. "Guess I'm out of the loop on everything." He walked over to Brenda and shook her hand. "I'm Dan."

"Brenda." She replied.

He gave Brenda a once over. "Not really dressed for a babysitting gig?"

Brenda looked down. It was the nightgown she had worn throughout her twenties and got plenty of grief for it. She figured it was the Daffy Duck cartoon figure right across the front.

"It's a new look. The pajama thing is in."

"Ah...well you showed up a little early. Becky's mom and I aren't supposed to leave for another hour...and how did you get up here?"

Becky stepped in. "Oh, I let her in, Dad. I guess I sent her up here because...because...I thought mom was up here."

"Oh, well. Come join us then. You'll get to check out Grandma's vacation pictures to England along with us." He stepped away from the doorway and motioned for Brenda to continue on.

Brenda stepped out of the attic. She looked back and the stairwell that brought her here was gone. Nothing on the wall except for a wall. No secret passageway. Nothing at all. She resisted the urge to ask what state she was in. She already seemed like a mad woman to this man.

"Thank you," Brenda said.

She walked down the staircase and in the living room found an elderly woman and a middle aged woman, Becky's mother Brenda assumed, pouring over photographs. The elderly woman looked up and her face froze.

"How the hell did you get here?" The woman stood. "You must have had to take a jet to get here before me." She stood up from the couch and Becky's mom and dad watched in shock as the older woman approached Brenda.

"Grandma?" Brenda asked.

"She's stalking me." the Grandma said to the others. "She stalked me on the trip. She found me here now. Dan, call the police."

This is my entry to last week's writing prompt! The ongoing adventure will continue with next week's post, so make sure to follow my blog to see what will happen next! If you like the idea of a writing prompt, check back tomorrow for the weekly Writer Wednesday Writing Prompt! 


  1. Poor Brenda. Nothing is going her way. I'm interested to see where you take this.

  2. I know huh?? Now if I can just figure out an ending!

  3. I've been wanting to participate in this Writer Wednesday Blog hop but things always get in the way. Just to let you know, I love your characters and am always left wondering how they'll fare out in the end...

    1. Thanks Anne! I do hope you get the chance to join in!! And I'm so glad that you enjoy my characters, too. That really means a lot!

  4. I can just picture the look on Becky's face when Brenda said she was here to babysit. "is that the best you got" look. Very well done.

    1. Thanks Sydney! That was my favorite part of this whole thing, I swear! Just imagining the quick, but awful lies they are trying to come up with! :)


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