22 June 2012

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary! Come by and Celebrate With Me!

I made it!!!!!

I am proud to say that I have made it to one year of blogging.

WOW! Can I say it's been quite an adventure? I never thought I would be this into blogging and would have accomplished so much.

So, what has happened in one year?

1) I graduated from college.

Okay that happened before blogging, but it was just a week after I graduated that I started this blog, so it counts as being part of the "blogging" period.

2) Finished my first fantasy novel.

Finishing a fantasy novel I had been working on since I was ten means so much to me I can't even describe it. I'm rewriting Chatper 4 and I am really hoping I make my end of the year goal. And maybe one day some time soon I'll be asking my fellow bloggers for a book review.

3) Got a job, and then got laid off.

So this isn't exactly something to brag about, but two months after graduating from college I got a job, and then about 8 months later I got laid off. Oh well...life happens, right? In the meantime, here's hoping that I get a job soon!

4) Several, several short stories have been completed.

I should call my year of blogging, the year of writing as well. As much contemplation and debating that goes on about whether writer's should even have a blog, I've gotten so much writing done along the way. That's the main reason I started this blog - to overcome writer's block. And you know what? I did.

5) Met some amazing people along the way.

I never thought while blogging I would meet people that have become some awesome blogging friends. There truly is a wonderful community of writer's in the blogosphere and I have had so much fun meeting all of you.  Although there are many that come and go, it's wonderful to meet you all.

There has been so much change in my blog as well. It started out as a blog strictly about writing to a blog about pretty much anything these days. I may have broken the rules on what you should do for your blog, but to me it's been worth it. While the change in my blog subject may have lost me readers, I've gained a fantastic perspective on what my blog means to me as well as taken steps in the direction of actually making money on this blog.

Whether you are a faithful commenter, a blog stalker who remains comment-less, a stop-on-by-er, a collaborater, a co-host, or one of those bloggers who I may never hear from again (even though I appreciated your presence when it was here), thank you for everything you have given me along the way.

A special thank you to everyone who has stuck with me throughout this entire year, a thank you to the new readers who have just come on board, a thank you to my family who supported me and this time-suck called blogging, and a even greater thank you to my muse (and even my anti-muse) who have inspired me along the way.

For old times sake, and a step back in blog time, feel free to take a look at my very first blog post ever by clicking this link. And please make sure to click some of the links within this post as they go to some of my favorite blog posts I've done so far.  Also, make sure to read (if you haven't already) my most popular post ever - a post that received over 4,300 reads (!!!)- called, "Why The Tan Lady Proves There Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing."

Some stats?

I have 154 posts.
I have over 1,472 comments.
I have over 48,000 views.
And a whole lotta love for you awesome people!

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Nicole!

    What a wonderful way to share your anniversary. I enjoyed all of the facts about you :)


  2. Whoop! Whoop! Congratulations! Think of all the people you've reached and inspired in such a short time. That's so inspiring and empowering!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    1. Thanks Lydia!! I really hope I have inspired people! :)

  3. That's a lot in a year, but it goes by so quickly. Congrats on your blogoversary!

  4. Great job. :) You really have accomplished a lot so far.

  5. Congrats you ole veteran you! :)

    It's been a wonderful year and you've managed to encourage and inspire many of us along the way. Great spirit!

    1. Thanks Diane!! :)

      I'm hoping I really have inspired people! It really has been an awesome year! Hehehe...

  6. Great job Nicole! Found you at the Fun Friday Blog Hop and I'm now following you via GFC.
    Love for you to follow back when you get a chance.

    Altair of That Chief's First Lady

  7. Happy Anniversary blog!!!

    Congratulations Nicole Pyles :)

    It's a great work!

  8. Congratuations!! Happy Blogversary!

  9. Yay! Happy anniversary!! It sounds like we've learned a lot of the same things. I'm so glad we "met" and I look forward to another year of your posts :)

    1. Me too!! :) I'm so glad we've met as well! :)

  10. Congrats. Here's to many more.


  11. Happy Anniversary!!! No small achievement...along with everything else you've been doing! Keep it up! :)

  12. Hi Nicole,

    Just a quick message to say:

    Huge congratulations on all you have achieved so far, and..


    Whoohoo!!! :-)

    1. Thanks!! It's so exciting to see I've made it this far!

  13. Hi Nicole, I believe everything happens for a reason, we just don't always know what that reason is. I was surprised to learn you are only one year into blogging, because you are doing just as well as others who've been doing this longer and I can't help but wonder if losing your job was the best thing that happened to this blog and a contributing factor to its success so far. Being unemployed is not easy on the bank account, but I do hope that this blog will grow to a place where you can feel you are being paid for the time you put into it, and thus be paid to do something you are good at agnd love. Happy blogaversary :). Yolanda from @whereslanda

    1. Thanks Yolanda!

      I really do think this has been a huge part of my blog's success (and I'm SO flattered you compared my blog to those that have been at it longer!!) I am hoping I can think of more ways to still engage readers while making money at the same time!

  14. wow, so much accomplished in the year, great recap of your year and impressive stats! wishing you continued prosperity, luck finishing off that novel and lots of bloggy love along the way!

  15. Many congratulations! I think I've been with you for most of your first year! I can't believe how quickly this year passed! Here's to a a successful second year of blogging, too!

    1. Yay!!! And I'm so glad you have stuck with me along the way! Thanks for being there for the changes!!

  16. You have come a long way in one year! Congratulations.

  17. How Cool! Congrats on your one year!! I also had my 1 year a few months ago for my Online Magazine I publish. It's been a fun journey. I found you via the Blog Hop from Reflexions:) Have a sweet week and I'm looking forward to connecting!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I'm stopping by yours as well now!!


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